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Men who love wealthy, influential women for money

Age has nothing to do with sex –  Okonofua

They cut a picture of a perfect gentleman yet carried the personality of a gay. Always cautious of their physical looks but at the sametime ruthless. Charles Adingupu

They live large in the shadow of rich women who would do anything to have them sometimes  as “part-time” lovers and at other times, for keep as husbands. They are no better than deceitful and underhand broods who have sent most unsuspecting rich ladies to untimely grave in a bid to inherit their wealth.

Conversely, rich and sometimes older women who are commonly referred to as Sisi Eko or better still, Sugar Mummies still haunt for and engage the services of young good looking men as a social past time.

However,  beyond these categories are guys who will be desperate to be recognised as sons in law to a rich man. This report, however, exposed young men and wealthy women who indulged in this romantic escapade and its bloody aftermath.

They go about with a unique carriage, that betrayed their appearances which cuts them out from the motley  crowd. But their knack for rich and influential women has remained unchecked. In social parlance, they are known as gigolos, hired by wealthy women, usually one who’s infuential or older.

They comb the streets in major cities searching for prey to survive on. For sometime now, this group of young men bestrode the social circle like a colossus. From the eighties, this practice was not so popular until recently, when it assumed an unprecedented dimension leaving on its trail, tales of bitterness and sorrow.

The masked dudes behind the mirror

A renowned  journalist cum actor is adjudged as the Don of gigolos in Nigeria. The dude who was once married to a late  female journalist  was reputed to have an endless list of rich single/married women in Nigeria.

In this case his alluring physical frame, meekness and his humane touch, gentle  all combined to make him a lady’s man. For his good looks, every single woman, even the married ones, craved for a slice of this dude.

It was even alleged in some quarters, that this capon match-make  younger men with rich single women.

“Go meet bros, he will arrange a rich woman who will take care of you,” ace comedian from the extraction with the Don was quoted as saying.

This god-fly of Nigeria comedy was also reported to have frolicked with most rich  women in Nigeria until he eventually pitched tent with a seasoned banker who, he’s presently married to till date.

In his two marriages, he also made sure he chose mature wealthy women. His ambiguous adventure into the world of gigolos was evident in the number of his children from different women.

Before he eventually tied the nuptial knot with his banker wife, this grandmaster of Nigeria comedy was embroiled in messy controversy with his erstwhile “older” lover, a lawyer. Both of them threw tantrums at each other.

The “mama lover” openly accused the comedian of duping her of some amount of  money, and invariably cheating on her with other women of lower calibre. But “Oga” comedian dismissed all these accusations with a wave of the hand as he was already trapped in a fresh romantic affair with yet another rich single lady.

‘Dating rich women has given me connections’, declared popular gospel musician who has been described  as a gold digger.

This Delta State born musician whose gospel music  rents the air waves was a toast of rich “single” women until he recently got married to this “Igbo” girl.

However, reports from the grapevine had it that old habits die hard as the gospel artist, still maintains a harem of  single rich women.

For the renowned pidgin English gospel artist, dating rich women has bailed him out of poverty and placed him in vintage social pedestal.

God help these polygamous bachelors

Ordinarily, they go about searching for a prey to devour. They also maintain a long list of younger girls as part time lovers, yet, still keep wealthy women not just for social pass time but as  financial base for their promiscuous misadventure.

A renown Nollywood hunk who got married recently falls into this category. The well nurtured framed actor’s  romance with a renown female politician was widely reported.

Indeed, this famous actor was “ultimate” in the minds of rich but single older women. He was reported to be very verse in sex related matters and his romantic escapades with younger girls cannot be easily summarised. But his  romance with ‘older’ women paid off. He flaunts his romantic acquired wealth (exotic cars and others) with imperial arrogance.

Also, another fine boy comedian was also reported to have a knack for rich women. He got married recently but grapevine enthused that the diminutive fine boy comedian maintained a routine of beautiful girls until he became hooked in the warm embrace of his new wife.

Although, many people may find it hard to believe this fine boy only has dozens of bow ties to show for his romantic flink, unlike the comedy god father who pounds the streets of Lagos with different exotic cars.

He killed his wife for her money

“If only you can see the ten thousand millions bubbles of love in my eyes,” he once confessed to his estranged wife.

Their romance which started like any other affair, eventually blossomed into marriage. Unknown to the female rich banker, her would be husband was a wolf in sheep clothing who was only interested in her fat take home pay.

Esosa (real name withheld) who hails from Edo State met this young good looking man from the South-West in a friend’s party. Like match flare, a relationship evolved. Their love for each other grew in leaps and bounds and eventually culminated into holy matrimony.

Barely a year into the marriage, the bubble burst, as Adewale (not real name) Esosa’s husband began to act his real self. His once meek attitude changed overnight. His wife became overwhelmed by the husband’s frugal spending despite his  jobless state.

Esosa, it was reported abandoned her aged parents just to cater for the husband’s endless request for money. It however soon dawn on her when she discovered to her chagrin that a whooping sum of over N2 million  savings had gone down the drain unaccounted for that her man wasn’t who she thought.

Despite her N350,000 monthly salary, Esosa still finds it difficult to make ends meet, ostensibly due to her husband’s frugal posture.

Shame kills faster than disease

Esosa could not opt out of the marriage because she had gone midway and the burden of managing the stigma of a divorcee held her down to a man who she later discovered was only after her money.

Consequently, she decided to be more tactful in dishing out money to her jobless husband. Hence, she withheld a leave allowance paid to her. This singular action angered the husband and he plotted her death.

Just like a scene in a Nollywood movie, Esosa was beaten to stupor and eventually, Adewale, the so- called husband used a big stick to smash her fragile skull, leaving her whimpering in the pool of  her blood in their bedroom. And suddenly, Esosa died. Today, the matter is still hanging loosely in a Lagos court.

“He is gold digger”

There was nothing in him to show that Jude was a gold digger. He met his slain wife, Nkiru, a businesswoman in the church.

They dated each other for sometime, until  about six months after when they eventually made their marriage intention known to the Pastor. And like a well orchestrated event, one thing led  to another, and the marriage was consummated. Nkiru gave her all to keep the marriage, but Jude was never satisfied. Barely three months after, Nkiru discovered her fatal mistake, as Jude was no way worse than a misogynist. At every slightest provocation, Jude would rage blows on Nkiru.

It was even  reported that the once amiable and God-fearing Jude kept younger girls  as lovers. Not even the Pastor’s intervention would help to checkmate Jude’s misogynistic attitude. It was however during one of the pounding sprees of his wife who was barely four months pregnant, that Jude knocked his wife to death in their private home  in Lagos.

Jude who thought he would inherit his wife’s properties was taken unaware when the wife’s family members engaged him in both physical and spiritual warfare until he abandoned the properties and scampered for safety to an undisclosed destination.

Sisi Eko

These are usually women of substance. They are mostly divorcee or widows but at the same time, wield enormous influence and power. They usually wore exotic make-up and  expensive clothes to replace lost youthful age.

They engage the services of younger men to massage their emotional ego.

Although in certain cycles, they may be referred to as Sugar Mummies.  For them, age is no barrier to their romantic escapades. Their undying libido enables them to engage much younger men in bouts of romantic flinks.

Ordinarily, they attend social engagements such as burial ceremonies, birthday parties and other conventional ceremonies. They hate to be addressed as Mama and would not indulge in activities that would expose their age.

Age has nothing to do with sex –  Okonofua

For most Nigerians, romantic relationships must be consummated among people of equal standards. Within the realm of African cosmology, it’s a taboo for a woman to get married to a minor , a man she’s older than . But events in recent times have proven otherwise. Cases of much younger men tying the nuptial knot with older women in Nigeria abound, a situation which many perceive alien to our culture.

Professor Friday Okonofua a gyneacologist at the University of Benin Teaching Hospital UBTH, in Edo State told Saturday Vanguard that sex has nothing to do with age. “There is nothing wrong in older women engaging minors in responsible sexual  relationship except if the woman keeps more than one partner. Then, the minor may be exposed to the danger of contracting sexually transmitted diseases. Otherwise nothing’s wrong with it.

How true that old women used younger men to revitalise their blood?

Well, I don’t know of any such thing. No research has ever shown that during intercourse with younger men, the blood of the older partner (women) is purified. It’s all a misconception erroneously held.

At what age does the libido of man begins to decline?

Well, it varies from one individual to another. But for men generally, a man begins to suffer decline in libido at the age of 50. But the female is not likely to experience such.

So does it explain why older women go for younger men?

It may be. Women have prolonged sexual urge than their male counterparts. Even after menopause, a woman may still be sexually active.




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