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Don’t let this cancer kill me, Prof.Omo Omoruyi begs President Jonathan


It was sad news last Monday for indigenes of Edo State, when the former Director General of the Center for Democratic Studies (CDS), Prof Omo Omoruyi, declared that his cancer has resurfaced. He was flown to the United States of America for another round of treatment but before he left, he pleaded with President Goodluck Jonathan and his former boss, President Ibrahim Babangida to come to his aid.

According to him, “My cancer is back and I don’t know how it will end, the governor of the state Comrade Adams Oshiomhole has graciously come to my aid again. He is the one making it possible for me to commence my second journey. You know in my book I said “My journey back to life”, that is journey number one.

It will appear I am starting a second journey but how this second journey will end, I don’t know. So this weekend, on Saturday, I am going to the hospital in the United States, to commence a new treatment plan and that treatment plan, how it will end, I do not know.

You will recall that in the book, I said in the life of a cancer survivor, there are two fears: fear number one is the fear of recurrence that the cancer could come back, fear number two is that one could die. The fear number one is no more fear, it is real. My cancer is back  which means I have to start a new treatment plan, I have to start a new journey because the other one was also a journey.

I cried because since September, when I went the United States in the hospital for three weeks, all the series of tests showed that my cancer is back ,that the recurrence is more a fear but it is now real. It is back and therefore there has to be a new plan to treat me. So, there are two alternatives for me.

One, there is a new drug that has been approved by FDA, Food and Drug Administration in the United States which costs about $9000 a month, but you cannot take it unless in the presence of the doctor an oncologist.  It is a drug that was just introduced in September.

Luckily, with what comrade provided me, I was able to buy for the first month. I have not started using it. I am going to start using it in the hospital this weekend in Boston in the United States. If that doesn’t work, I have to go again through a new kind of chemotherapy.

I know what I went through before, so if the second fear then happens, if I then die, who knows, I don’t know…so I am starting this two alternative treatment plans for an end I don’t know. So this weekend, with the help of Comrade Adams Oshiomhole, I am going back to start a new treatment.

The end, I don’t know, that means I am starting a second journey, the first journey, Back to Life, that book is there, hopefully, it will also be back to life because if you look at the book, it clearly said that I was guaranteed five years . So, when I started noticing some problems, I knew that well, it is not unusual so maybe who knows, God in His infinite mercies would grant me another five years.

For those who want to come to my aid, this is a knew journey, so if you don’t see me again, if the second fear takes place, if I die, then you know where I am. But keep praying for me that in this second journey, I will also come back.

I sent him a text message yesterday that I am going back to the hospital. I have also contacted some of my good people; General and Senator Daisy Danjuma, Mrs Ama Pepple and many other kind people who came to my aid at various times during my first journey; the likes of Professor Tunde Adeniran, Professor Tunde Rahma, Professor Tunde Makanjuola, Professor A. B. Yahaya, Professor Osayuki Oshodin and my relations.

I have been crying here for two weeks now but I have let them know that my cancer is back. It is no more fear of resurgence, fear of recurrence, it has recurred, it is real…fear of death, that one is for God, I am a Christian and I have always believed that that is how it ends.

There is nothing you can do about that. For a cancer survivor, death is the ultimate but I don’t want to suffer. With what I went through before, it is an agonising moment for me that I am going to go through all that again in a different way. You can see my agony, so I don’t want to suffer but I have been suffering in different ways in the past one month. I can’t help but still say think you Comrade Adams Oshiomhole.

Whatever happens, I pray for him that under him, and with him, this State should find a direction. I wish I could help him more than that; those who he will put in government to help him will be those that will help this State find a direction in this country called Nigeria.

I can see a lot of problem in future but he is a nice man. It is not because he is helping me…he loves his people, he loves the state but unfortunately, all these people he gathered from PDP are not good people. They are the ones running ACN. What must he do, I will leave that to time but he should try and rebuild the party ACN but not with all these people hanging around him now. I don’t want to name names.

These are no good people, all these people left over from Lucky Igbinedion, they are not good people. There are good people who are not in politics now, who really have track record of accomplishment  and service to our community. Because of the future of this state, we may have a monumental problem.

What do you expect from your state (Edo) in the near future?

We are supposed to be in South-South dominated by PDP. Is he a PDP man? He is ACN, but is he ACN of Tinubu or ACN of Ribadu, is he ACN Yoruba or ACN Edo? To me, he should do everything possible to work with Jonathan and you know clearly that is not the ACN direction.

Outside, this state will suffer but we don’t know what Jonathan’s party will be because my good friend E. K. Clark is trying to put together all these South people. They are not all PDP, they are not all ACN, these are people from the Southwest, southeast and sout-south.

The next meeting will be at Enugu and then Comrade is not there and then you find people like Anenih and the likes, these are not people who can help this state. There is nothing from all these left overs of PDP who are masquerading as ACN.

I believe that there is a future for this state if we will find a new re-alignment which is not going to take into account all these left overs of PDP, the PDP of Jonathan at the appropriate time is not going to be the PDP you are seeing today. It is a future because I believe that Jonathan should run in 2015, that is not the thinking of ACN. Mimiko will support the position of Jonathan in 2015. Comrade should provide the leadership of that re-alignment, a re-alighnment which will take into account what I am talking now.

What  about Nigeria?

As a country, there are obvious problems, there are problems of people not being frank, people are not being frank with Mr President. Mr President should follow E. K. Clark’s position of being forthright. He should lead this country, it is a simple thing, he should lead, he shouldn’t be led by Bamanga Tukur and co, he should lead this country, he can, I don’t see why not.

I am going back to the hospital, the president should help me, Jonathan should help me for goodness sake, he has not. I cried to him through E.K. Clark, that he should help me and pay my bills. I am going back now for a recurrence of cancer, help me. I am setting up a Foundation, help. He is not because Ogiadomhe will not allow him. There is vindictiveness in the land. I have paid my dues in this country and the country is unfair to me. What did I not do?

The man who brought me from the United States, Mike Adenuga; a kind man, he sent  me money but he said Professor, whatever I am giving you now is not because of him, he should be the one to pay your bills, but he never did. He told me Professor, I don’t see why Oga should not pay, but he never paid.


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