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Diamond Bank exposes new logo, refocuses

By Princewill Ekwujuru

Signages, Logos are widespread. We hardly notice them. That is until we are looking for one. We do not realise their effect on us, which is one reason they are so effective.

However, it is precisely because they are so commonplace that many businesses take them for granted.

Obviously, most businesses know they need a sign but think of them as merely a marker identifying their business. As a result, they are unaware and underutilize its earning  potential. For independent business owners to fully realize the profit of signages, they must look at signages not just as a way of marking the business, but also a way of marketing the business. Signages should identify businesses, mark its location, and convey the right image of the company.

But the most important thing it should do is communicate what the business is selling.

At a minimum, signages should attract new customers, brand the business and create impulse sales.

These are what Diamond Bank Plc just exhibited with the launch of its new logo, now with multiple colours of red, green, blue and orange encrypted on the diamond logo different from the ash coloured logo used before, now the logo is more visible and brighter.

Invariably, businesses that offer products and services that meet specialised needs like the telcomms, Banks, electronic appliances must develop top of the mind awareness so that customers remember the business when those needs arise.

These businesses must focus on branding their site. To re-enforce this efforts the signage itself must be designed to project the right image for the business and have that image recalled when a customer walks the corridor.

According to the words of the Managing Director, Dr. Alex Otti, “What we have done with our corporate identity is to refresh elements of our brand look and feel to identify with our growing customer base and usher in a period of renewed focus and commitment to our business.

Continuing, he stated, “Our colours reflect the bright optimistic colours of the Diamond spectrum using green as a base colour with complimentary colours of red, orange and blue. For us, the green symbolizes growth, red stands for vibrancy, orange illustrates ‘passion’ of our people and the blue symbolizes our commitment to innovation in our products and services.


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