The factional leader of Odua  Peoples’ Congress (OPC) Dr. Frederick Fasehun flays Professor Chinua Achebe for attempting to exhume the dark days of the civil war to bear on the Igbo. He, however, advised the Igbos to jettison anybody without hesitation who is trying to remind them of their sordid past.

Professor Chinua Achebe is still living in the past for him to be reacting to a civil war that ended over 42 years ago. I think the Igbos should be aspiring to the presidency.

Therefore, anybody who tries to remind them of their sordid past should be jettisoned. What the Igbos need at the moment are friends and not enemies. They should try to align with other ethnic groups to realise their presidential ambition but not somebody who will remind them of their dark past.

On indictment of Awolowo
Professor Achebe should first of all answer these questions. First, was it the Yoruba people who pushed the Biafran warlord, Chief Ojukwu to Ore?

Again, what did he (Achebe) expect Chief Obafemi Awolowo to do when the Biafran soldiers were violating the territorial integrity of the Yoruba people? Perhaps, Chief Awolowo would have folded his arms or better still watch in silence the Biafran troop ravaging Ore and its environs.

Also, let Professor Chinua Achebe answer the question of what happened to the Yoruba people in the Biafran soldiers I mean particularly Banjo?

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