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Anthony Aliche: A role model unsung

HIS citation drew tears and produced a sense of pride among his compatriots at the Shehu Musa Yar’Adua International Conference Center on February 10 when the African Child Foundation unveiled an exhibition of the 1349 books written by Anthony Ugochukwu Aliche, a professor of philosophy and recipient of numerous academic and literary awards at the international arena.

The packed audience was told that Anthony Aliche was being honoured as Nigerian author of the year and recognised as one of 20 distinguished Nigerians who had through hard work “put Nigeria on the world map”. But as the erudite scholar was born 41 days after Nigeria’s independence from colonial hegemony, I prefer the term “under-line Nigeria’s place in the world map”.

That is no news. But what provides food for thought is that the career of Aliche has since had a quantum leap: Two of his seminal books have clinched the world bestseller list. The third, Have You Discovered Your Assignment With Destiny? published in New York by Universe Incorporated, a 108 years outfit, is currently number four on the best ten list in the USA.

Thus, it is not by accident that Aliche has achieved a heroic status abroad even if he remains largely unsung at home. His revelatory treatment of the concept of destiny, man’s purpose in this life cycle and life after death has reopened the age-old debate on reincarnation. It is not a surprise that the book debunks many age-old beliefs and thoughts on the critical subject of destiny.

For Aliche, it is simply a rallying point where a childhood curiosity finds intellectual expression in over two decades of devotion to research work. The initial scenario is one in which a curious student at Ihie Secondary School, Ihie, in present day Abia State is brooding and agonising over what purpose he had come to fulfill in a fast-changing global village, while his class mates are enmeshed in the fun and gist of local Gbedu and the fabulous fun and pop culture of the 1970s. It is notable that altar boys are usually a curious lot. Aliche was one and he had a mind for the priesthood but this mindset also met with stiff competition from the innate desire to unravel the essence of God, the dynamic force of creativity and the cosmic block. He would soon come in contact with Lao Russell whose late husband, Walter, was founder of the University of Science and Philosophy. It is this proximity with a world leading authority in natural law that helped shape his interest and devotion to illumined thinking; he had to avoid the “myopia of the academic philosophy as opposed to living philosophy.

Aliche studied natural law, science and philosophy and made first class in three years at the University of Science and Philosophy, Virginia, USA. He worked for a masters and also earned a doctorate degree at the Institute of Concept Therapy, Texas. More doctorates followed in management from Columbus International University, Virgin, Island, England. An already festooned cap was finally decorated with a Doctor of Science Degree, DSC and Aliche has since delivered a prodigious shelf of study and research results in about 1,349 books on various disciplines, including mathematics, engineering technology, health and the humanities.

He has worldwide bestsellers, notable amongst which include The First Principle of Science, The Anatomy of Marine Engineering, The Nature, Powers and Functions of Energy and The Demystifkation of Occult Engineering Technology. His exploration of the discipline of metaphysics and astral physics has yielded such books as The Wisdom of the Unseen Forces, Adventure in Wisdom, The Mystical Life and Priesthood of Melchizedek and Why the World is in Need of Balance and Illumined Thinkers.

Mr. JACOB AGUOMBA, a journalist, wrote from Port-Harcourt, Rivers State.



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