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Ajagu and leadership Imperatives

IT is an African philosophy that whoever is born into a society, and has the privilege to survive childhood, should endeavour to have a good view of how the environment he or she was born into, looked like.

This is with a view to resolving to leave it better than how he or she met it. One Nigerian who has met that criteria is a renowned businessman, educationist, administrator, public policy analyst and revered motivational/inspirational speaker, Dr Ausbeth Ajagu.  He is the President of Academy Of Entrepreneurial Studies (AES) and Chairman of Betcy Group.

Though political economist and industrialist of great accomplishments, Dr Ajagu is more reputed for his transformational leadership qualities in corporate governance in Nigeria . Like all patriotic Nigerians, his political sagacity is not defined by a Machiavellian approach to politics.

Rather it is the way and manner he touches lives that stands him out. His meteoric rise in his profession is therefore not a surprise, because diligence comes with a divine promise that we will stand before kings.

In the private sector of the Nigerian economy, Ajagu led an intellectual revolution in entrepreneurship and built a legacy in what has become a reference point in professionalism and political discourse.

The strength of every society depends largely on the quality of its leadership. Throughout history, successful societies have been those whose leaders are  able to rise to the occasion to calm storms during crises and advance the course of prosperity during peace time.

During economic hardships, poverty and wars, it is those leaders who are competent, dedicated, and visionary that are able to pull their nations and peoples from such troubles and economic misery.

Such leaders also show selflessness, integrity, objectivity, accountability, openness, honesty, transparency and strong leadership and are committed to democracy, rule of law, freedom and human rights in their dealings with the people. As reflected in the life of men like Mahatma Gandhi of India and Nelson Mandela of South Africa, such broad mix of commitment to citizens’ welfare and focus on concrete result is hardly achievable without innovative thought and spiritual strength,

The likes of Ajagu present individuals who will remove the nation from the part of a sluggish economy, from high unemployment, and from diminished security, and leaders who will secure health insurance coverage for every Nigerian, reform the rural areas, begin a meaningful national service programme, reform the system of civil service, and invest heavily in the nation’s infrastructure.

Strength of character has offered us hidden explanations for Ajagu’s greatness and leadership credentials. Simply put, Dr Ajagu has made indelible marks in the sands of time because of his character. In the ordinary meaning of the word, character is merely the aggregation of a person’s distinguishing qualities and features.

But great statesmen men like Winston Churchill of Great Britain and Charles de Gaulle of France defined character beyond the capacity of the dictionary. De Gaulle, for instance, argued that a person’s intelligence, charisma, mystique and vision are part of the building blocks of a person’s character.

Many may be asking who is this business icon whose leadership acumen has made inedible impression in political and economic landscape of the country?  Ajagu is an academic, business colossus and political economist who has contributed immensely to advance the cause of economy in Nigeria.

Chairman, Betcy Group of Companies; Betcy Group has interests in diverse sectors of the economy, he is the President of Academy Of Entrepreneurial Studies (AES), an institute devoted to the promotion of study and research on economic matters particularly on matters affecting entrepreneurs through the means of conferences, lectures, scholarly works and discussions, and by the preparation and publications of books, reports and many other media as may seem desirable so as to develop a body of informed opinions on economic issues.

AES operates  a 500  Student- Entrepreneurs Scheme which is designed to allow the management  of the Academy to assemble and teach 500 students on leadership and entrepreneurship in  higher institutions in the country. Afterwards AES mentors and grooms them free of charge to be role models in both their campuses and society.

The Academy  has   already  conducted such trainings in Auchi Polytechnic and University of Agriculture, Makurdi. AES has  equally  trained over 5000 persons on wealth creation, transformational leadership, entrepreneurship, positive mindset and good corporate governance since its inception.

His passion for education and intellectual discourse is evident when he established The AES Excellence Club.

The AES Excellence Club, Nigeria’s Intellectual Club, is a non political, non-religious and non-profit making organization dedicated to addressing socio-political and economic policy issues which affect national development.

The club is made up of some of the best brains in the public and private sectors who have distinguished themselves as Chairman/CEO/Directors of various organizations.  and serving State Governors and Ministers, as some of its members.

Ajagu has maintained that Nigerians should imbibe the culture of perseverance, courage, and respect for the dignity of men and women if we do not wish to confine ourselves to the level of mediocrity.

Ajagu’s achievements in the private sector of the Nigerian economy are legendary as they form the fulcrum upon which various stakeholders within and outside private sector measure their achievements.

Mr. JACOB TOCHUKWUa public affairs analyst, wrote from Abuja.


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