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Why electorate must elect credible leaders – Mimiko

GOVERNOR Olusegun Mimiko of Ondo State has identified the twin problems of credible leadership and improper planning as some of the factors militating against the emergence of Nigeria as a  great country.

Speaking in Ode-Irele in Irele local government area of the State during his campaign tour of the area, Dr Mimiko regretted that despite God-given potentials as a nation, failure to plan and lack of good leadership had crippled the country and made the people to suffer in the midst of plenty.

Mimiko who told the people of Irele that he was ready more than ever to provide leadership and continue to be their Governor, if re-elected, said that positive changes in Ondo State in the last three and a half years were results of planning and hard work under a credible leadership.

His words: ”What we need is leadership; governance is serious business because it is not something you wake up overnight just because you h eard the sound of siren and say you want to be governor.

“It is a serious business because the decisions you take can affect a generation, it can affect two generations and even 10 generations for good or bad. That is why it is not something you toy with; it is about our future, it is about our God-given potential because in my inner mind, I can see that we can develop our land and people will come from all over the world to learn from us.

“The situation must change and I can see the change and I believe it is possible. I am not talking theory and everything I am telling you is not conjectural. I have empirical evidence to prove that we can change our lives.

“Through the instrumentality of Abiye, we have reduced maternal mortality in our land, and we will continue until pregnancy will no longer be a death sentence in Ondo State.

“I know that it is possible for the child of a messenger and the child of a multi-millionaire to sit down in the same classroom and receive the same level of quality education. it is not conjectural because I have in the last few days seen people, big men in the society begging us to withdraw their children from private schools to our mega schools, it is happening and it is possible if we ordered our priorities right.

“If you are ready for the task of taking our land to heights hitherto deemed impossible, a utopian state, our Rehoboth, a land of abundance where there would be room enough for our people then we must pray fervently to God to bring back our prosperity. We must also be ready to work.

“I will be your leader, at all times, in all seasons; I will provide leadership at all times. I will create chances that will lift our people from the morass of poverty.

“I am ready to make the sacrifices that would be required. To me, leadership is not about the size of your bank account but leadership is about the amount of joy I can bring into your hearts. I am ready.”

He, therefore, enjoined the people of the state to come out en-masse on October 20 with their cards to vote for him and watch their votes by waiting until the very end.


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