Africa is faced with series of security challenges at present,which many believe there is no end to it, but it is also re-assuring to note that a number of people still believe solutions to many of the challenges are not as distant as they seem. Such people believe that if every individual especially the leaders do the right thing, the story will be a lot better.

One of such fellows is Tunde Eso, a political scientist and journalist who believes that he has a message to pass across to all and sundry especially those in authority. The Osun state born graduate of Ife  and publisher of Jubel magazine after a deep reflection of the problems of insecurity in Africa came up with a book that has solutions to the continent’s insecurity.

According to him, the book is a practical discussion offering solutions in a pragmatic approach to everyday social, economic, political and developmental issues plaguing Africa. These same issues and inequalities are the very foundation causing insecurity in the continent.

The new book titled, African Security Solution, a 58-page book, described as a framework for African leaders on how to put to an end the series of security problems is a wake up call to all African leaders to look at the fundamental issues and address them.

In a chat with the author on why he embarked on the mission, Eso who said that the materials have been ready for years disclosed that he decided to publish the book after he was attacked and nearly killed by hoodlums for no cause. According to him, after the attack he saw the need to bring out something so that if the leaders adhere to it, Africa will be a safe place.

Noting that the book highlights some of the causes of insecurity in Africa especially Nigeria and ways in which the government can manage the youths. He identified hunger and poverty as the greatest cause of insecurity and called on government to address them. Some of the ways to address that include, the provision of electricity. Nigeria has been battling with it for years but if they will provide regular power, many youths will be gainfully employed and the rate of crime will reduce.

Other issues highlighted are:  the need for the government to provide free education for the youths at all levels, pointing out the people of old who incidentally are some of the leaders today benefited from such scholarship scheme,  involvement of youths in policy making and the need for the youths to participate in elections and vote wisely.

On why he published it outside Nigeria, Eso says that it was done so that it can be distributed all over the world. The book is a good compendium for Africans and world leaders who are interested in peace and progress of humanity and not just Africa alone.  African Security Solution will be presented to the public in March, 2013 in Lagos.


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