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Kogi governor and bullet proof vest

By Elizabeth Alaine &  Ann Mamilor

Emmanuel Owasi: He was trying to tell the people that they should be security conscious.

Uche Mamilor: It is only a preventive measure. It doesn’t necessarily mean that if you carry an umbrella in your bag everyday, it would rain daily.

George Moka: It is not that only Kogi isn’t safe, Nigeria in general isn’t safe because there are so many things that had been ignored from the very foundation of this supposed great nation. We talk of Boko Haram and we forget we have had people killing us long before now.

The money that was supposed to go into health, education and other aspects of the country was going into individual pockets. Bullet proof vest is what we are talking about? Nigeria itself needs bullet proof because soon people are going to look at their lives and see nothing but disaster and it won’t be funny.

Isaac Ikechukwu: He is a governor, but he knows there is no security in the country. He believes anything can happen; a governor that has security operatives around him but still puts on bullet proof means he is saying that we should protect ourselves in anyway we can.

Kenneth O Egekonye: He is making us to understand that we should be security conscious. The governor wearing bullet proof vest shows that he is trying to protect himself; the fact that he is trying to sympathize with the victims doesn’t mean he should not be security conscious; maybe within that period, he believed that place was not safe. He may not be wearing bullet proof vest everywhere he is going to, but he just felt that he had to protect himself as he thought the perpetuators of the Monday killings might still be very much around.


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