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You need to be financially literate to be rich – Akachi Nwoke

By Victor Gotevbe

Very many desire financial freedom but not  too many people are armed with the  knowledge to thrive while others simply survive. Akachi at 22, believes passionately that knowledge is the New Money and that most of our society’s financial problems are as a result of financial ignorance. Hence, he has made financial education his number one priority.  All the way from Owerri, Imo State, Akachi, the young Managing director of his  company tells us about this enviable passion.

Why I teach Financial literacy
I have ever hated poverty even as a little boy; it made me want to know what I must do to be free from poverty. I started reading books, attending conferences and associating with the rich and influential. These activities gave me a breakthrough. I discovered most people around me were still down, the best way I could help them was to teach them what I have learnt.

Teach them what I have learnt from Robert Kiyosaki, Donald Trump, Bill gates, Warren Buffet, Napoleon Hill, Sam Adeyemi, Fela Durutoye and so on. The second reason I teach financial literacy is because my life’s mission is to “help people financially”. I believe the best way to help any fish-needy person is to teach him the art of fishery and not to give him fish.

Akachi Nwoke

In the beginning…
I was born and raised by my parents (Engineer Peter and Mrs Beatrice Nwoke) in Aba, Abia State. I have three elder brothers.  My nursery and primary education were at TRICOMA. As a pupil in TRICOMA, I got several awards from the school including the prestigious “Best Social Studies Student of the Year”;and my secondary education was at Evangel Seminary, Aba. I also obtained a B. Tech from FUTO (Agricultural Extension). My parents wanted the best education for all of us and ensured that.

At Evangel; I was very popular because I was the only student who could open a yahoo e-mail account and a free website, which I learnt during the days I surfed all night.  I played the keyboard for my church and was the Music director for over four years. I loved surfing the internet, listening to good music, being motivated by books, tapes/conferences and playing football. I still love them.

My  thoughts about young people and financial planning
90 percent of the youths I have met don’t have any financial wisdom, only 10 percent do. These are the 90 percent who will complain and criticize the government. These are the 90 percent who will rather think about solutions than die. I am not amazed any longer because the statistics has always remained the same. Only 10 percent of the world’s population owns and controls 90 percent of the world’s wealth.

My critical concern is that this ratio is shrinking to 95:5 and may gradually reach 99:1. I want to believe that if you are reading this, you are not going to let that happen. I recommend that you have a plan today and work so hard to achieve it. I had one at the age of 18. And one of my plans was that am going to retire at the age of 30. If you don’t have a plan, it’s getting late.

What we do at ANBC
AkachiNwoke Ventures  runs A.N. Business Club (ANBC), A.N. Wealth Conference (ANWC) and Melvin Suites Hotels. ANBC is a network of business people who come together to assist each other. The club has several benefits which are not limited to obtaining collateral free loans, free access to our meetings/conferences/get-togethers, high yield savings and investment opportunities, real estate, job vacancy offers, equipment leasing, birthday/wedding presents, referrals, etc.

We currently have five chapters in Nigeria (Abuja, Port-Harcourt, Lagos, Owerri and Aba). This is a product designed especially for start-up entrepreneurs.ANWC is a national business conference where we teach financial literacy. This has hosted several great speakers including some of my mentors. The last edition was held at All season Hotels, Owerri on  June 16, 2012.

Melvin Suites Hotels is a three-star exquisite hotel in Ikenegbu, Owerri,Imo State, and is run by my enterprise. Here, we spell unique hospitality. My enterprise runs a free monthly business conference in various parts of Nigeria. It gives young people the leverage to understand the principles for wealth creation.

In the business club members get to meet and network with other business people. We offer solutions to the main challenge of starting or expanding a business, which is Funding. Members have access to collateral free loans and venture capitalism. The club operates a job centre for members who want a job. The club offers savings and investment opportunities for people interested in that. At Melvin Suites, we give young people opportunities to work creatively and explore their potentials.

I am currently working on three things, viz: my retirement, to have 1000 club members by August, 2012 and raise the team of young business executives that am grooming. My financial advice to young people is the same advice I received from Robert Kiyosaki, “If you want to be rich, you need to be financially literate”


Akangbe JamiuEkandayo is a graduate of Lagos State University. He is an advocate of democracy and good governance. He is the author of  voters’ education called “Don’t Be Disenfranchised”.

Jamiu in 2011 was an election observer and he also organized an Interactive Session on Good Governance, which motivated Nigerian youth to exercise their voting rights and even mobilised their peers to vote during the 2011 election.

He has put together several advocacy trainings for youths. His works have since gained the attention of the Nigerian Media. He believes that for us to have a more reassuring future as a society due attention has to be paid to the representatives of the future, most especially Secondary School Students.

Jamiu Akangbe is the Secretary General to the Government of DESPLAY REPUBLIC Season 6; an initiative of Young Stars Foundation.

He has this to say to young people: Life is not measured by how long we have lived or how much we have acquired, but the yardstick for measuring a fulfilled life is by how many lives we have touched while here on earth.


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