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Photography began as a hobby -Tosin Pedro

By Victor Gotevbe

If you are one of those persons who is famous for snapping pictures at events or who enjoys capturing various shades of life through a lens, and or you want to earn a living using your creative side,then Tosin’s story is a must read . Tosin, in what is largely considered male dominated field is carving a niche for herself in photography against all odds. 

Tosin Pedro

She possesses a creative eye with visual imagination which is the basic trait required in a photographer. Also with a background in Information Technology she  has overtime gained the technical expertise in meeting client’s needs.

Her creativity is displayed in the use of her  camera and lighting skills, digital imaging skills and knowledge of the technical intricacies of the equipment,  and the way she showcases her work in her website, blog, online albums, communities where she regularly gets direct feedback and tips from visitors to her album.She tells her story to Youthful Vibes in the place of her national primary assignment (NYSC).Excerpts.

In the beginning…I had a pretty normal upbringing and family-life while I was growing up. I was born in Lagos and my family moved to Kaduna when I was two (2) years old. I went to both primary and secondary school in Kaduna, namely, Command Children’s School and Essence International School, respectively. After secondary school, I moved to England to study for a Bachelor of Science degree in Computing and Multimedia from the London Metropolitan University, and a Masters in Information Technology with Security at the University of Greenwich.

Source of InspirationTwo sources of inspiration readily come to my mind. First inspiration was that I really just wanted to preserve memories when I was younger, so I would take photos of and with family and friends every chance I got using any film camera I could find. Second inspiration was the City of London. While at university I used to take long walks around the city and I appreciated how beautiful London is and wanted to save some images for myself. So I began taking photos on my small point and shoot digital camera or my camera phone.

As a matter of fact,  at age 14 I got my first  camera, a Polaroid as a birthday present from my parents and have been interested in photography ever since then.”During my study for a master’s degree, I bought my first (and as yet, only) DSLR camera and started taking photography a lot more seriously. I quickly realized I was drawn to landscape and long-exposure photography.

Soon, I ventured into photographing people and realised I enjoyed being able to capture a person’s character, beauty and personality in a single frame. Although photography for me began as a hobby, it is fast becoming a career and the possibility of travelling the world to photograph people and landscape is one that I look forward to with eager anticipation”

Genre of photography

I am a Weddingand Portrait Photographer. I love documenting weddings as it is such a significant milestone of people’s lives and it’s a day that needs to be looked back on for years to come. I started out with landscape and nature photography and I continue to explore other genres of photography. When I began taking photos of people and in the time I’ve been doing this I came to the realization that although it’s a more complex subject, I found it more challenging and interesting taking photos of people and their life events.

How young people can draw inspiration

I regularly share tips and tutorials to readers of my online photography blog, as well as on my facebook page. I am currently working towards bringing live training workshops to anyone who is interested in learning directly from me.

Nigeria is filled with so much potential. Dream BIG. Then wake up and work hard towards your dream and strive for excellence. You will get a lot of discouragement from people, including the “this is Nigeria, your idea won’t work” but don’t let that stop you, stay focused and work, work, work. It is also really easy to settle into the habit of delivering mediocre services or products but if you aim higher for quality, your work will speak for itself and that will get you very far.

Living in the Diaspora Nigerians are hard-working people and are filled with so much potential for greatness, individually and as a nation. Living in the United Kingdom helped me to see the possibility for development and to see how photography of all types can be taken to a higher standard. It has only been less than a year since I moved to Nigeria to undertake my national youth service, so it is a little early to say if and how my work has had an impact on other Nigerians living abroad but I do hope that with time my work in Nigeria through photography will make obvious the endless possibilities Nigeria has.

Young Nigerians Making the Difference

Favour Dakoru
Lagos State

Favour is the Chief executive officer of Fruit Planet, a  fruit dicing company which he established in 2008 after graduating an ICT entrepreneurial programmefacilited by PIN.

At that time, he wasn’t with much knowledge on how to run a business effectively but his passion for economic breakthrough kept him on his toes to tirelessly carry out research until he conceived the idea of setting up a farm shop or mega fruit shop where in all fruits will be sold fresh, hygienically and in a classic environment like that of a grocery store.


Fruit planet provides a distinct and well packaged fruit meals and drinks. With the leadership of Favour, Fruit Planet also provide training and consultation in dieting  and the importance of fruit consumption to ourhealth.He began packaging fruits at the corner of his house in Ajegunle and he sold to corporate organizations including banks and several individuals.

In spite of the challenges that he encountered that almost made him to lose his enterprise amidst his already growing client base. It eventually occurred to Favour after his business couldn’t not operate smoothly for a few months that  80% of his business depends on efficient management.

His business bounced back with the support of some of his clients whom have built confidence in his brand. Today, he is doing well with it. He has this to say to several other young people: “most people spend their health gaining wealth and they spend their wealth regaining backtheir health, health is treasure.”



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