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You can become your dream – Emma-Iyamu

By Victor Gotevbe

Amenze is a Life Coach, writer and a passionate motivational speaker. ‘’Amazing Amenze”, as he is popularly called by his associates, has continued to assist many discover, develop and deploy their innate passions and dreams. His impact and motivation brand ‘’JUST BE!” has continued to inspire and propel many towards the accomplishment of their dreams. He unfolds his passion for his tripartite career and his vision for Nigeria to Youthful Vibes.

A man of many parts
I was taught by a mentor that if I do not give expression to my impression I would end up in depression. My days in the University of Ibadan were my years of discovery and redefinition. I discovered many things about myself that have continued to be the building blocks of my life till date. These issues daily bothered me and I decided to give attention to them.

I discovered, after interaction with many great men who I will always consider to be awesome mentors, that I had the gift of writing. I also discovered that I had an undying passion to see Nigeria become a nation that we are all proud of. I also made a discovery that despite my seeming ‘’shyness”, I had the capacity to think differently on many issues and then articulate my thoughts into words and deliver them as a motivational speaker. My introspection was a gift from God. I became an observer of life and a philosopher of some sort.

I also discovered that deep down, I was bothered about people being at the right place, doing the right things and having the right things and results as far as their life’s purpose is concerned. All of these parts are all of me. I started writing inspirational emails, and I was sending them to a mail list until it grew to a blog. I kept ‘’counselling” and encouraging people about their passions in life until I started to get platforms to express this.

I learnt so much while I was in the university and working with a church group that up till date, I continue to work on myself to become better at every one of these parts of me. Whether I am involved in motivational speaking, or coaching, or writing, I believe that I must do better than my last work as I owe humanity a duty to be relevant to the needs I come across on a continuous basis. I only focus on the areas that I am passionate about and naturally gifted for.

My humble beginning
Growing up for me was fun. I was born in  Lagos over 30 years ago. I am first born in a family of 4 children. But due to the nature of my father’s job as Senior Sales Manager with one of Nigeria’s leading FMCGs, we moved around the country. My mum is a teacher of great repute. Everywhere we lived it was a new experience with new friends and we kept changing schools. We were and still are a pretty close knit family.

We have had our fair share of troubles but in all we are grateful to God.Upon our arrival in Lagos in the ‘90s, I then proceeded to the International School, Ibadan to start my secondary school education. I finished in 1997 and proceeded to theUniversity of Ibadan where I bagged a degree in Chemistry in 2004.

My motivational brand ‘JUST BE’
Sometime in the year 2003, I encountered a  divine truth that altered my life forever. It was the birth of the brand ‘’JUST BE”. I believe that every human being is created and sent by the Divine to this world with specific gifts, passions, talents, personality types, experience etc that make them uniquely wired to not only be who they are meant to be, but also, this wiring causes every human being to be attracted to certain industries of life.

The essence of JUST BE is that our core assignment here on earth is to locate this area of our “natural habitat” (as defined by FelaDurotoye) and go ahead to be all that we are meant to be. The message of JUST BE  is to inspire, and to  work with humanity to be aligned with their essence. It cuts across all spheres of life. For example, some years ago in Nigeria, students in the Sciences were considered the ‘’smart” ones while those in the Arts and Commercial classes were the ‘’dull” ones.

Amenze Emma Iyamu

So some parents forced their children to study courses that were not in line with their essence. So this continued and then ultimately we created disgruntled and unhappy people who struggled through school. Then they got jobs and  were still unhappy. Their true natures were being suppressed by these decisions. And so when people started to leave various ‘’beautiful jobs” to do ‘’strange jobs”, people got upset. The parties involved were on the contrary very happy people.

But there are still many others who are living everyday of their lives with minimal passion. If only we had a nation where every parent and every school was focused on ensuring we had ‘’square pegs in square holes” right from primary school, I believe that maybe, we would have been more productive as a nation. JUST BE therefore has a message for every level of life. The focus has been on the motivational angle of the brand, but it is evolving gradually and I am growing with it.

Challenges encounter as a young entrepreneur
As with every young Nigerian, we only desire the simple things of life that has become seeming luxuries in our nation. First and in my estimation, the most important of our national issues is electrical power generation. Small businesses spend a lot on generating their own power, and these costs must be passed to the consumer. We have had many promises in the past but my vision remains that we shall have a nation that generates at least 100,000 Megawatts of electricity.

It is possible. I believe it can be done. We just need to get it right. The second issue for me is that of values. As a nation, we need to come back to having the right and proper values. How many Nigerians can recommend the artisans who work for them to someone else? How many schools truly score students based on the work they have done irrespective of whether the school fees is N500,000 or N1,000,000?

How often do we beat the traffic lights? What of parents who buy exam scores for their children? Trust is very important in life and in business dealings. Greed is hurting the land of Nigeria. There are young people in this country today that I can comfortably recommend for various businesses. Why is that? They have integrity. When integrity is lacking, the soul of business is affected.

I am not saying I am perfect, but daily I work hard to become better. People no longer care about their names. It is wrong. Thirdly, I believe that political leadership at every level in this nation must truly care for the people. A few of our political leaders are doing awesome and terrific works. Sadly, many are not.

Political leadership, especially in the three arms of government, is one of the most influential types of leadership as they have the capacity to make laws that can either make or mar a nation’s progress. I am glad that many young people are getting involved in politics and also more young people are sensitizing the nation via various platforms (via social media and conferences) on the need to hold political leadership accountable at every level. My greatest prayer for the young people in Nigeria today is that when they fully occupy all levels of political offices, for that is inevitable, that they will do better than their predecessors and make Nigeria a nation we can all be proud of.

Work with young people
Basically, I have been and continue to be involved in various secular and non-secular speaking opportunities that involve young people. I am on the path I am right now because some people took time out of their busy schedules to mentor me and to speak words of encouragement to me.

Apart from speaking, I mentor some also. Every young person needs not just role models but someone that they can reach out to when they have issues bothering them. And these issues range from choice of career, emotional issues, general advice and many more things. However, as a coach, I am putting plans in place to make the impact broader.

The older generation needs to deliberately impact young people with positive virtues. Our nation will be better for it. My advice to young Nigerians is that no matter the situation they find themselves, they must have an unending and unquenchable belief that things can only get better for them. Also they must find those positive things that they are passionate about and when they find them, they must give attention to those things for it is the key to their influence and leadership.

Finally, they must not give themselves any excuse for failure. They must work hard and work smart. The world gives way to a man who seems to know where he is going no matter the seeming obstacles. I believe in their dreams! I recently released a book titled ‘’YOU CAN BECOME YOUR DREAM”.

It is an artful motivational masterpiece. In it, I articulate true stories of my ‘’rise” to significance. It also contains other stories that will naturally motivate young people to go for their dreams despite any challenge they may seem to face. I strongly recommend it for every young person in Nigeria.



Jos,today means different things to different people and groups.To the  music industry in Nigeria, the city is a major talent base that has produced the  likes of M.I , Tuface, Djinee, Iceprince, Jesse jagz.In the same vein, the Realitibrodazz is also part of the emerging army of stars who reside in Jos.

In a country where the young are finding it increasingly difficult to express their potentials and pursue their dreams vigorously, THE REALITI BRODAZZ, a duo of brothers are making the difference through their musical ability whilst they are  becoming an inspiration to their generation.

As an inspirational group , they desire for people to connect with the reality of life  by using music as a tool for social transformation.  Isudu and Emma are indigenes of Edo state.  They started music as far back as 1997 with a group known as’ME AND MY BOIZ BAND’.Their passion for their craft has seen them release three singles and they are currently working on their debut album against all odds.

In their words:’ We have a  calling from God to impact our  world through music .Hence, we see our music turning people’s dreams into reality.’ Their penchant for improvement made them learn how to play musical instruments.Isudu plays the bass guitar while Emma aside from his music productions skill, plays the lead guitar.Their humanitarian activities can’t be separated from their music, as they use music as an avenue to affect the downtrodden.Realitibrodazz have collaborated with the Omega  cares foundation in providing free medical services to prisoners in Jos  last December.

Emmanuel being a pharmacist has volunteered on free medical trips to Ondo and  Kaduna  states with Pro health int’l and Club 700 respectively.During the Jos crisis Realitibrodazz collaborated with USH Revolution Club to organize a peace concert in celebration of the return of peace to Plateau state. Armed with their musical instruments, and a voice that can move mountains, these young music makers are set to for greatness in their chosen path.They are portraits of possibilities.


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