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This car would give aircrafts a chase if….

If the roads were as free and straight like air space, some cars would travel at the speed of aircrafts this days.

Ferrari has one of such cars. Have you heard of Ferrari F12 Berlinetta? This is  a car that would have given aircrafts a chase if the roads were as straight and free as the air spaces. The speed is amazing and the finishing is out of this world.

Described as the most potent Ferrari road car ever, the F12 Berlinetta 6.3 V12 engine delivers 730 brakehorse power and it take it just 3.1 second to reach 0-62mph. Ferrari design director, Flavio Manzoni described this machine as a car with two souls. “It is a highly technical car but at the same time you have to fall in love with it.

Did I hear you ask about the price? Well you have to set aside about 250,000 pounds to grab one but this exclude the tariff, you have to settle that with the customs. It is for his boys and those who likes travelling at Supersonic Speed.


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