By Ebun Sessou
benga Adebija is the Managing Director and CEO of Ashton & Layton Business Communication. He’s our guest on this edition of Celebrity Tummy Talk as he speaks on how his wife teaches him how to eat good food. He says, although he doesn’t know how to cook yet he likes good food. Hear him

How would you describe your eating habit?

Gbenga Adebija

Although, I’m the worst ever when it comes to cooking but I like good food. As a child, I didn’t have the chance to cook until my NYSC days. Even at that, I had a limit and so I didn’t go beyond that boundary. I could cook yam, beans, boiled rice and egg. And the first stew I ever prepared was also during my Youth Service year, so I had to take picture of that pot of stew and sent it to my family. They were surprise to know that, at least I could cook stew.

How did you managed to know all the ingredients for stew?

Well, that was my secret. It wasn’t as if I didn’t know what to use but as a man, it wasn’t easy for me to cook when the women are there. But, at least I know what to use when it comes to cooking a pot of stew. And that was all I could do. But interestingly God blessed me with a lovely woman who is a great cook. My wife, Yetunde is a fantastic cook. She is my teacher when it comes choosing good food and so, I take my time to listen to her.

That means, you weren’t familiar with kitchen environment?

I didn’t learn how to cook at all. My only visit to the kitchen was perhaps to see if I could get extra food or a steal a piece of meat from the pot. But, my siblings (both brothers and sisters) learnt how to cook.

Do you both have the same preference in terms of food?

Unfortunately, she likes to experiment. She does all sorts of Continental and Western dishes but, as a Yoruba man, my menu is quite simple much to the annoyance of my wife because she likes to cook all kinds of food. I love to eat my rice, beans, yam, eba and moi-moi which is an occasional thing.

And your kind of exercise.

I promised myself that whenever I clock 40, I would start exercising, but I couldn’t. But, I decided to take it very seriously now. I’m more mindful of my diet. I’ve cut down on a lot of sugar. I have a gym at home. I also walk and jog whenever I have enough energy.

Your fruit

I take mango, oranges, guava, pineapple, watermelon; I try to eat them as much as possible. There was a time I traveled and had problem with foreign foods, and there wasn’t African foods and so, I fed on only fruits until I got back to Nigeria.



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