May 29, 2012

Tuberculosis infected beef allegedly sold in Edo

BENIN—OFFICIALS of Edo State Veterinary Services have raised alarm over alleged sale of tuberculosis infested beef in the markets by traders who bought them from unapproved slaughter houses in the state.

Director, Veterinary Services in the state, Dr. C. Aibaogun, who raised the alarm weekend, while displaying some infested organs of some slaughtered cows, sold in some abattoirs in Benin City,  Edo State, explained that official of the service had uncovered what he described as a generalised case of tuberculosis infested beef, which on inspection revealed modular lesions (or infested sites) which enveloped on the surface of the various organs of the slaughtered cow.

He noted that these nodules are not easily destroyed by the normal cooking process, adding that it was only the inspectors that could identify the problem and eliminate the disease.

He admonished people of the state to be vigilante and ensure that they purchase their beef in government approved abattoirs.