In a bid to improve students’ reading culture, pioneer principal of Yaba College of Technology Secondary School, Lagos, Mrs Adio-Moses has said that students should be discouraged from cramming, especially in their early years of learning.

She said: “In many schools, children learn to read by cramming. They copy from the board without understanding what they are writing,” adding, “It will be very difficult for any student to remember what he read if he does not understand it.”

According to her, there is too much emphasis on “academic study” that the average child does not understand the concept of reading for pleasure or for enlightenment. By so doing, she said, “We are raising a generation of myopic and uninformed children who lack imagination and creativity.”

Adio-Moses who made this statement during an education summit for teachers, titled: Focus on the Young Child organised by Early Years Africa, stressed that Nigerians do the highest rate of home lesson and out-of-home lesson, yet failure rate is high.

She added: “If you want a child to have a better future than what he sees around him, get the child to read so he broadens his horizon and has something better to aim at.”

Her words: “A child who grows up reading books such as Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahl and Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, will easily imagine anything because he grows up reading books that blow his imagination.

Adio-Moses explained that children generally, especially those of ages 0-8 are usually playful, fun-loving, naturally curious, seeking self expression and imitators, yet God has created them with great capacity to learn a lot more than adults can imagine.

Urging parents to make reading fun to their children, she pointed out some ingredients which include: Keep them interested by choosing a topic that interests them. Encourage your child to talk about what they are interested in and help them get books about it.


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