It’s the tallest I’ve ever been; Hands shot up in the Basic 3-5 classes of Barbara Cox Schools in Lagos at my question: “What do you know about Children’s day?” Thanks to Google, you won’t miss the fact that May 27 was set aside by the United Nations in 1953 to celebrate children all over the world.

All the other important facts are only a click away. But in exclusive Quadlife style, children tell the story in their own words, handwriting and art. Enjoy!

Kosi Ozioma said: “Children’s day is important to make the children feel happy. If I were to do something special on children’s day, it would be to give the orphans food and money to take care of themselves.”

For Onyekachukwu Anakwe, it’s a day to play games. “I’m looking forward to playing my PSP then,” he said.

Another pupil who identified herself as Ify said: “Apart from doing choreography in my church, I plan to ask my dad to take us to my aunt’s house and then to a fast food joint to get ice cream.” Deborah Oputteh would also like to take her friends out.

Emeka Osuoji sounded all grown up when he said: “We can get a break from work. We need it because we are the leaders of tomorrow.”

Another pupil in Basic four, Gift Danazumi said: “I wish that God will provide parents for children who don’t have parents. I wish them a prosperous children’s day, happiness and long life. What happens now should not affect them because they are the leaders of tomorrow.”

Talfiq Oguntoyinbo’s contribution was to wish all children best of luck on Children’s day.





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