By Suzan Edeh
WHILE some were of the view that Governor Isa Yuguda’s marriage to Hajiya Abiodun Yuguda, a Yoruba woman, is the reason for his open disposition to all tribes, the leader of the Yoruba community in Bauchi State, however, took a broader view recently.

Conferring the titles, Otunba Ayatese and Yeye Ayatese respectively on Governor Yuguda and his wife at a ceremony on 18th March 2012, leader of the Yoruba community, Alhaji Ahmadu Adebisi Lawal said the honour on the Governor was based on his achievements which he claimed had made it better and safer for all tribes to live in Bauchi State.

The event which took place at Government House Bauchi, was timely, given the ethnic tensions that have recently engulfed the nation.

Yuguda’s sense of belonging

The installation ceremony was attended by the representatives of the Emir of Bauchi, Alaafin of Oyo, royal fathers and top government officials from the state.

*Gov. Yuguda and wife, Hajiya Abiodun Yuguda after installation of title

Delighted in the recognition given him as a peace builder against the background of the ethnic tensions that have recently engulfed the country, it was not surprising that the Governor practically abandoned every other business that day to attend to the ceremony.

Governor Yuguda seized the opportunity of the occasion to warn those who are trying to divide the country, noting that they cannot destroy what God has destined for Nigeria.

“It beats my imagination for a mere mortal man to say that he wants to marginalize the country.

“When these sets of miscreants were born into the world, they were all born into different tribes and religions and they didn’t bargain with the creator  when they were coming into this world, so why is it that are now trying to divide this great nation, that they had no idea of how it was created”.

Even though the occasion was celebrated amidst tight security, he (Yuguda) described the installation ceremony as historic, saying that the Yoruba and the Hausa Fulani have had a long relationship.  Yuguda who is Fulani asserted that both tribes share very similar traditional institutions running over a thousand years.

The Governor recalled that

during the April 2011 election that there was no community in Bauchi state that did not vote for him and that was why he won his election for a second term in the state.

While he reiterated that the support the Yoruba community gave him an edge over other contenders, he expressed optimism that the peace and tranquility that has since been enjoyed, will last long in the  state.

The First Lady of the state, Hajiya Hauwa Abiodun Yuguda, was commended for her pet project, Challenge Your Disability Initiative, (CYDI), which has given succour to the less privileged and physically challenged persons.

Only recently, she facilitated legislation in the form of a bill recently passed for setting up an agency for physically challenged persons.

Yoruba community gives reasons for title

While conferring the traditional title on the duo, leader of the Yoruba community, Alhaji Ahmadu Adebisi Lawal said the conferment of the titles on the governor and his wife was based on their contributions to state, which he claimed has uplifted the living standard of the Yorubas resident in the state.

Continuing, Lawal commended the governor’s effort in providing dividends of democracy through the execution of meaningful projects that have impacted the lives of the people. Lawal said “I really feel at home in Bauchi because I have lived virtually all my life in this state. I want to use this opportunity to call on all the different tribes and religions in the state, to learn how to tolerate one another and live in peace.

“The only way this country can overcome its security challenges is for all tribes and religions to embrace each other and see themselves as one. If we don’t address this issue, we will keep going around circles, without solution to the problem”.


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