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Why I wanted to commit suicide – Battery charger

To Ademola Ibirogba, 32, life is full of mystery. The story of his life started when he had to drop out of school because there was no financial support from his family side.

That was in 1993. In 1995, he became an apprentice to learn battery charging. In 2001, he became a boss and set up his own battery charging business.

Although the business was little, he was contended with it. And everything was going on well because the business paved way for him to be able to take care of his parents and siblings.  He was enjoying his business and hoping that one day, he would become a dealer  in battery manufacturing.

And as God will have it, he got married to his lovely wife and the marriage produced two lovely children, a boy and a girl.

Ademola Ibirogba

Then, he became a personal driver.  Then, the ugly side of life visited his household and since then, life has been unfair to him and his family. In 2009, Ademola was involved in a  fire accident while saving the life of his boss’s child, he was consumed with fire.

He visited several hospitals having sustained severe injury. And when he was finally admitted in Lagos State Teaching Hospital, LASUTH, he  spent eight months without being attended to.

But fortune smiled on him when the Lagos State Governor, Babatunde Raji Fashola visited LASUTH, and gave the direction that he should be attended to without paying any money.  Unfortunately, the instruction only lasted for a while. The authority of the hospital couldn’t continue to obey orders without Ademola paying his bills. So, the treatment stopped halfway and since then, his life has moved from bad to worse.

And just last month, he was at the verge of taking his own life when sympathisers rescued him from his suicide mission.

In this encounter, Ademola told Saturday Vanguard about his suicide mission and how people came to his rescue.

“So, I was discharged without proper medical attention. Since then, I have been living with pain and anguish. “I sought for medical attention elsewhere just to be on my feet again but all efforts proved abortive. There was no money to pay for my medical bills and so, I was thrown out again.

“Even though, I was supposed to undergo surgery, there was no money to carry out the operation.  At that juncture, I consoled myself, even though, I was going through severe pains, I didn’t allow that to pull me down. I decided to pick up the pieces of my life. I started my business back and after a while, it grew. And just at a time to start enjoying the fruits of my labour, another ugly scenario set in. It was on a Wednesday morning, I was in my shop when robbers stormed on me and made away with all the goods I had. The sad story was that I just stocked my shop with new goods. A good Samaritan who believed I was going through a hard times, decided to be giving the goods to me on credit and that after I’d made sales, I could make some returns.  He gave me the goods on Tuesday and the following day, robbers attacked me and took away all the goods. When I couldn’t continue with the trauma that I’ve suffered from the attack, I felt it was better to die.

“Then, on Thursday, I called my wife, although she wasn’t at home. But I made some calls through to her and pleaded with her to take care of my children.“I thought there was no hope for me again. Especially when there was nobody to help me. And the only business that I trusted has been stolen by robbers. So, my wife was out on an invitation to attend her friend’s naming ceremony.

So I told her to take care of my children and I dropped the call and switch off my phone. The truth is that since thieves burgled my shop and made away with all my goods, I have been unconscious. I have been living on borrowing life. I can no longer take care of my family again. And I have just made a part-payment of the goods given to me by the good Samaritan.

“Unfortunately, the fol                                   lowing day, thieves burgled my shop. And when I thought of the chances of survival, it was next to nothing.

First, my being alive is a burden for my family, my wife and children and so, it was difficult being a liability.

“So, I took the narrow escape of committing suicide. I hanged myself in my room. But the next thing I saw was a crowd that gathered around me in the hospital.

I was told by sympathisers who took me to Igando General Hospital that I was fifteen minutes dead. But the intervention of my wife and neighbours around rescued me. And after spending three hours in the hospital, I regained consciousness. And doctors confirmed that I could go back home.”

When asked of what was going through his mind when he regained consciousness, he said, “I was confused. I don’t know what to do. The truth is that things haven’t been normal. But my wife and neighbours have been helpful.

“I have so many problems and I don’t know how to come out of it.  According to medical findings, there is need for me to go through surgery operation to be able to be on my feet again. “The surgery according to medical findings will cost N500,000.00. Although, the surgery was supposed to be administered on my hand and leg but right now, I want Nigerians to help me with my leg so that I can walk again. Right now, I can’t raise my left hand and my leg is almost crippled”, he concluded. His wife, Funmi Ibirogba, a petty trader said, “I was at a naming ceremony of my friend when I received a call from my husband that I should take care of his children.” I couldn’t picture was the reason for such statement  And when I tried to call back, his phone was switch off. At that point, I was confused.

“The fact is that since, robbers stormed on him, he had lost his senses. Even when I tried to console him, he would turn it down. Since the incident, he has been experiencing series of psychological trauma.

So, when I couldn’t get through to him, I rushed home immediately to know what the situation was. But he had hanged himself. And had given up the ghost.

But I summoned courage and carried him down. I cried for help and some people came out to help me. They cut off the rope and rushed him to Igando General Hospital.

“And after a while, he regained consciousness. But, he was brutal and blamed the people for saving his life. He said if he had died, he wouldn’t have been indebted to anybody,” she added.

Ademola told Saturday Vanguard that he loves his battery charging business and he would want Nigerians to help him fulfill his dreams. Unfortunately, he still needs to undergo surgical operations for him to be able to be  on his feet again.

He is therefore calling on Nigerians to come to his aid so that he can pick up the pieces of his life once again.

His account name is Ademola Ibirogba while his account number is 1028047995, a savings account in Intercontinental Bank. And his telephone number is 08023286812.



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