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DN Meyer trains varsity students on paint technology


A strategic initiative and partnership between business and the academic community has been rolled out by DN Meyer Plc, makers of DN Meyer paint products. The company has just rounded up a comprehensive paint training programme, to deliver demonstrable competence in painting and architectural beautification in tertiary schools.

The all encompassing training which took place at the Babcock University, Ago-Iwoye, Ogun State, was well attended by top administrative staff of the University including,  the Human Resources  Assistant Director, Mr. Agbanyim Nwabueze; Acting Director, Facility Management, Mrs. Oyinloye Abidemi and all the university painters. It was divided into three sections.

Speaking at the conclusion of the programme, the Managing Director of the company, Mr. Adeola Omosebi noted that, the training was in keeping with DN Meyer’s objective of creating a platform for capacity building and skill acquisition to help establishments actualise their social responsibilities.

“At DN Meyer, we inspire creativity with colours. We are committed to raising industry standards in Nigeria to global level. What is required are both the technical skills and an attitude of excellence. The university provides a good platform to pass on these skills and value system. Our background of Sigma international has ranked us a multi product company that offers top of the range quality and services. This training is just a part of the overall plan to enable university painters attain proficiency on their jobs,” he stated.

The company CEO explained that DN Meyer partnered with the tertiary institution, to highlight painting as indispensable and synonymous with lasting and durable architectural designs. “Every edifice, structure, building, house and road need painting, either internally or externally.  The dividends of any good government are often tied to structures – schools, hospitals, roads, offices, residential houses, etc, – consequently making painting a skill to be desired and acquired.”

The General Manager, Sales and Marketing, Mrs. Anthonia Akinkugbe disclosed that, the training is aimed at empowering the university painters with high-tech skills so they perform better and raise their games.

In her presentation, she explained that, painting transcends beautification of colours. It exhibits six key functions including, decoration, protection, communication, fixation, environmental properties and modification of surface properties.

“Paint protects a surface against an external environment which may be physically and/or chemically damaging. For instance, Corrosion is a steel object. It rusts in a wet oxygenated environment, but paint provides a useful degree of protection. Softwoods used for joinery are protected against dirt and moisture when covered with a clear layer of paint,” she added.

Mrs. Akinkugbe further stated that, paints are determined by the type of substrates or its functions.  Pre-painting/surface preparation is the most important part of any painting job. “It is all the activities involved in making the substrate ready for paint application to achieve the desired perfect finish. This includes resurfacing, degreasing and the proper cleaning of the substrate.”


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