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Boko Haram warned against attack on Jonathan

Former President of the Ijaw Youth Council (IYC) worldwide, Comrade Oyinfie Jonjon, has carpeted the Islamist  sect, Boko Haram, over its threat to terminate the administration of President Goodluck Jonathan and devour the president in the next three months.

Jonjon who, in an interview with Sunday Vanguard, in Yenagoa, said the threat on the life of the president had exposed the sect as bunch of political thugs bent on using brute force to negotiate power for their faceless sponsors warned that this could bring to an end the entity called Nigeria.

He said, “I think it is a blessing in disguise because the so-called  Boko Haram members and their collaborators  will not stop President Goodluck Jonathan from ruling over his own people. I see them as a bunch of political thugs dancing to the rhythm of their masters.”

The former President of the IYC expressed the  fear over the continued corporate existence of the country in the face of the threat, citing the Mali experience where two thirds of the country are now in the hands of rebels.

He said: “Did  the rebels in Mali, who recently took arms against their fellow country men, succeeded in taking over two thirds of Mali and declared an independent state of AZAWAD give ultimatum? Or could it be that the faceless Boko Haram and her sponsors have forgotten that the freedom fighters of the Niger Delta have never been defeated by any army of occupation?

”We are waiting for that day our towns and villages will be included in an Islamic state of whatever name. That is when they will know us. I am very sure they are running out of ideas on how to carry on with their senseless fight to be the rulers of Nigeria.”

He wondered why any reasonable group of people would think of an Islamic state in an era where dramatic democratic change is taking place across the world including the Middle East countries.

”It is now clear to all that the demand for an Islamic state made up of the core Northern state was a cover up to cause instability and make governance difficult for President Jonathan. I believe it is a platform to secretly negotiate shift in power to one of their patrons,” he said, warning, “any unnatural means to terminate this government will be resisted by our people.”


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