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Chinally boss makes case for original auto parts


FAKE auto spare parts no doubt pose serious danger to both the automobile and its occupant. Oftentimes, it has been the major cause of accidents that claimed many lives, yet not many realise the danger posed by fake or sub-standard auto parts. Many believe that as long as it is cheap, it can solve the problem but the question is how safe are fake parts and how durable are they?.

Mr. Chinedu Ezimorah, Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of Chinally Investment Company was the guest of Vanguard Motoring recently and he spoke on the dangers of fake auto spare parts.

The young chief executive who is the sole distributor of Outland Electric fuel pump from China in Nigeria said that given the danger of fake spare parts, it would be sheer  wickedness for anybody to deal in fake parts or try to imitate another product when there are many original parts out there waiting to be taken by the manufacturers.

Speaking on his product, Outland electric fuel pump, he said, though, it is a Chinese product, it ranks among the very best in the world. The company, he said, has been producing electric fuel pumps for reputable automakers around the globe, adding that their products are used by Japanese, European, American and Chinese automakers as original replacement parts.

“Our product, Outland is ISO 9001 certified and the company insist quality control system throughout the entire production process,” he said. Continuing, he said: “Our products are suitable to many auto making companies as we maintain the highest quality standard for global markets, especially exporting to Europe, America (North and South) Asia, Australia and Middle East.

According to him, Outland electric fuel pump has been in production for close to three decades with superior products at competitive price”.

“With my over ten years experience in the distribution of fuel pump, I have discovered that the Outland electric fuel pump is among the very best in the world. The technology is higher than others and comparable to the Japanese but we have price advantage.

Apart from the fuel pump being of good quality and affordable, the managing director explained that they offer one year warranty which is the industry’s highest.

“The fuel pump is very affordable and of the best quality, hence we offer warranty to our customers,” he said.
On their challenges in distributing the Outland electric pump products in Nigeria, Mr. Ezimorah explained that the activities of fakers have remained one of their biggest challenges.

“Because the product is good, some unpatriotic people try to fake the design. They create designs that look exactly like ours but cannot march our quality,” he said. He, however, disclosed that his company is tackling the problem by taking legal steps and having a sign of quality with serial numbers to differential their products.

“As far as Outland electric fuel pump is concerned, our watchword is that quality is life. Our survival depends on quality,” he stated.

To this end he advised their customers to always take their products from Chinally Investment or through their distributors across the country.


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