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The power of imagination

David Oyedepo

TODAY is New Year Day, when people all over the world are celebrating it. I know before now, you have taken stock and resolved to obey God, appreciate and praise Him with your whole heart all year long. I wish you a prosperous New Year!

Welcome to the first edition of my column in this new year 2012. May it be a whole year of all-round success and breakthrough for you, in Jesus’ name.

Let me ask you this vital question, the answer of which will set the foundation for the kind of success and breakthrough you will experience in your business or career this year: What thoughts or forms of imagination do you have for your business, career or home for the new year 2012?

Thinking usually precedes seeing. When your thought dwells on a thing, very soon you begin to see that thing in your mind’s eye. What you see are mental pictures of the reality. This activity of creating images in the mind is what is called imagination.

It involves the formation of a mental image of some-thing that is neither perceived as real nor considered present as to the senses. Imagination is fundamental to success because, according to Scriptures, “For as he thinketh in his heart, so is he” (Proverbs 23:7).

Because of ignorance or the corruption of psychology, mysticism and the occult, many people have neglected this highly potent force in manifesting their son-ship. The difference bet-ween what I am saying and psychology is that psychology draws from comparative natural kn-owledge, while this dr-aws from scriptural reve-lations. For anyone to reap God’s full blessings in this new year, an active imaginative life is required. This is because in God’s order of things, seeing must precede possession.

Humanly impossible projects such as the Hanging Garden of Babylon, the great pyramids of Egypt etc., were made possible through the instrumentality of the imagination. That mission you think is impossible can become a possibility, if only you realize how po-werful your imaginative faculty is.

It is your asset to a life of the miraculous. It is one of the greatest attra-ctions that get God to work in your favour. This is because imagination coupled with expectations are vital elements of faith and God is a rewarder of faith.

God is committed to your expectation projected through the power of imagination. It is your expectation that determines your future. Your imagination is very elastic. How far you can pull it is how much you get. There was a time in the Bible, when some people decided to build the tower of Babel. God saw that they had imagined to do it and knew that nothing could stop them (Genesis 11:6).

Their imagination guaranteed their attainment. They imagined building a tower, whose top would reach heaven, and their imagination became law. Wherever this law of imagination operates, it enhances accomplishment. Your positive imagination this new year, will enhance your accomplishment.

There are many problems that some people have today in their lives that should not be strange to them. They expected them, ever before they started happening.


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