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The power of imagination (3)

By David Oyedepo

I welcome you to a highly profitable time as you read my article today. From the beginning of this month, I started to help you set the pace for a business breakthrough and wonderful family life this year, by sharing with you the fact that you can use your thoughts or imagination to paint a glorious picture for your business, career or home.

This week, I will show you one factor that can enhance your thoughts and consequently your imagination. It is the Wise Company Factor. I want you to know that thoughts are governed by three basic things: association, observation and teaching.

Your mind is conditioned by what you observe and what you see automatically registers on your mind. It is also controlled by what you associate with and of course what knowledge you allow it to acquire. Based on this truth, you can determine what you imagine by controlling the kind of company you keep.

Having wise friends, walking with wise people and connecting with wise associates enhance your mental development. Enhanced mental faculty enables you to take good and quality decisions in matters affecting your business, career, home, etc.

The Word of God says: “He that walketh with wise men shall be wise: but a companion of fools shall be destroyed.” (Proverbs 13:20). The Bible shows us how wrong association can lead to a crash in one’s destiny, in the encounter between Eve and the serpent. Eve’s wrong association with the serpent in the Garden of Eden, was what affected her thinking and caused her to disregard God’s commandment.

Consequently, she ate the forbidden fruit and gave it to her husband, Adam, who also ate. This, in turn, affected her home negatively and brought her entire family, including generations yet unborn, under the curse of God (Genesis 3). This will not be your portion this year in Jesus’ name. Someone said: “You’ll remain the same way you are today in five years, except for two things: the books you read and the people with whom you walk.”

You can interact with people through the books you read, as though they were there physically. This is because what you are doing while reading a book is sharing the opinions and thoughts of the authors, rubbing minds with them. Every book you read is the author’s thoughts in print. Therefore, when you read his or her material, you are keeping company with him or her, and sharing his or her thoughts, and in no time, you will start thinking the same way.

For instance, when you read the Bible, you share God’s thoughts and benefit from them. Because of my earlier interaction with the Word of God, and the light I caught on hitch-free marriage from it, I have enjoyed a happy home. I have not had to live by trial and error.

For over 25 years that I have been married to my wife, it has been tension-free, peaceful and serene, simply because I caught the light on it! Therefore, just as your physical friends are important, the materials you read are equally important. The practice of keeping wise company will enhance speedy and positive development in your business or home.

The Bible tells a story about how Amnon, son of King David, had carnal knowledge of his step-sister called Tamar, through the evil and ungodly counsel of his friend Jonadab. Although Amnon had this strong urge to have an inappropriate relationshsip with his step-sister, his association with a dubious friend hastened the speed with his satanic desire was accomplished!

Consequently, this immoral and inappropriate relationship caused Amnon his life. At the end, it was Jonadab his friend who reported the news of his death to David (II Samuel 1-34). Amnon, who kept company with his foolish friend Jonadab, was not only foolish, but was destroyed (Proverbs 13:10). Wrong association cost him his precious life!

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