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Adopt energy saving measures to cushion effects of deregulation

By Jude Njoku
The recent deregulation of the downstream oil and gas sector and the attendant hike in the cost of fuel and energy would undoubtedly eat deeply  into family and corporate purses. Against this backdrop, a Lagos-based Architect, Mr. Emeka Izuwah has advised families to adopt energy saving measures to cushion some of the biting effects of the fuel subsidy removal.

Izuwah who is the Managing Partner of Archiplex, a firm of architects and construction consultants told Vanguard Homes & Property that even without fuel subsidy removal, “it is expedient to curtail waste in fuel and energy cost and plow them into more productive enterprise”.

“The scrapping of the fuel subsidy even makes this more pertinent as fuel and energy cost along with its ripple effects are likely to eat deeply into family and corporate purses. With the increase in fuel and energy cost we just have to develop means of reducing our fuel and energy bills rather than fight an idea whose time has come. Let’s not forget that little drops of water ultimately make a mighty ocean,” he said, adding that little savings here and there will later make a massive family, corporate and national saving in fuel and energy consumption.

Arc Izuwah who advised families to start using energy saving bulbs said these bulbs are substantial cost saving over incandescent bulbs apart from being brighter and cheaper on the long run. Care, he said, must however be taken to buy high quality brands which can withstand fluctuations in electric current.

He also advised families to use their air-conditioners and heaters only when necessary. “While ACs and heaters keep the indoor temperature conducive for work or play, they are huge energy consumers and should be switched off once the weather is conducive. Use of air-conditioning while in traffic jams should also be regulated. Observe  how your electric meter runs when the air-conditioner is running,” he advised.

The Archiplex boss enjoined families to switch off electrical appliances when they are not in use. “ There is no sense in leaving appliances on even when they are not use. The water dispenser does not have to be on overnight since you are likely to be asleep,” he said.

Arc Izuwah also advised families to consider using Inverters and solar wind powered batteries to reduce generator-based fuel consumption.

“They are environment friendly and have practically zero maintenance cost making them cheaper in the long run,” he said. He however noted that heavy energy consuming items like air-conditioners may still require the regular mains supply. Akin to this, Arc Izuwah called for the use of energy efficient electronic gadgets. “A laptop computer is more energy efficient than a typical desktop computer as it has up to 2-3 hours battery life while an SUV is a guaranteed fuel guzzler than a   car,” he said

Finally, he suggested that families should spend their relaxation hours in one lounge while electrical in other rooms are switched off. There is no need putting on several television sets and bulbs on at the same time.

“These are basic tips but each facility needs its own purpose made energy efficiency plan as developed by energy and built environment experts. Change is a necessary factor of life and it is our ability to proactively adapt to change that ultimately determines our success or failure,” the Archiplex boss explained.


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