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Your brother defiled your six year old daughter, would you forgive him?

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by – Florence Amagiya

It has been five years since my brother went to jail for the crime of defilement. And I am still wondering if I can ever forgive him. It is so because he didn’t only defile a child according to the law, he committed incest with his own niece who happens to be my six year old daughter.

Their closeness started like a joke because she was a very ugly child and he was always laughing at her. Eventually, she dropped her baby thinness and started putting on weight which brought out a queenly beauty.

It was amazing because even at six, she looked like a ten year old and it was fascinating to gaze at her beauty, so innocent and alarming.

Uche Jombo

Johnny took an uncanny interest in my daughter that sometimes keeps me wishing for my husband’s presence. My husband had travelled to Somalia for a peace keeping mission, he was a soldier. Johnny moved in with us because we needed a man in the house and I felt not only at home, but secured.

It was wonderful having him in our home until that fateful day l walked into his bedroom unannounced and met the biggest shock of my life…

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Forgiveness is God’s – Uche Jombo, Actress

This is a pathetic story and the man is indeed sick. We are talking about a six year old girl who was defiled by her biological uncle. This is sickening to imagine. And it makes me feel so cold. Has this world turned into this? He couldn’t sleep with an adult woman like he is supposed to? What was he thinking? Has he forgotten there’s God somewhere?

Anyway, the best thing to do is to take care of the child in question and leave the rest for God to judge. Bearing in mind that he is family and if we push it too hard, it might be taken to the extreme. What l mean extreme in the context is that one might be tempted to do the unthinkable and we might live our lives regretting later. So my candid advise is that she forgives and allow God be God.

Damn him to hell! – Rugby Ojiakor, Actress

Seriously speaking at this point, of this unsettling drama. I would pick the first weapon that comes to my hand, but if he is fortunate and doesn’t die or injured badly. I would disown him for life. Sexual abuse on a minor is the height of destroying a child’s life.

The child cannot forget the episode even if the adult does. It would have damage the victim’s life and it only take the grace of God for that child to turn out well. The issue here is not only an abuse on a child, but on a child who is your blood.

It is like sleeping with your own child! It is pure incest and it is an abomination in the eyes of God. How could any man get turn on by a child of six? This is unbelievable and my so- called brother should rot in hell for all l care. As for my child, l would look for the best way to help her forget the ungodly situation.

No way! – Uche Iwuanyanwu, Actress

I would kill my brother at first sight if I let my anger take the better part of me, so I will try and calm down and take a rational step. My child will be rushed to the hospital for treatment and check up and I will immediately call on the Police and before they get to my house, I will ask that brother of mine what got into him and why he chose to bring this disgrace upon himself.

I would not ever forgive a brother who could do that to my child or any child of that age. That would be inhuman, demonic an satanic on his part and the best place for someone like that is hell fire. Only God can forgive him because l probably would not ever forgive him. And if l do, then it would only take the grace of God.

This is not a movie to watch, it is a sacrilege. He would have ruined my daughter’s life and future. It would take the grace and mercies of God to make her whole again. But for the law, he would dance of course to their music in jail.

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