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Do It Yourself: How to handle minor electrical faults

By Jude Njoku
You must have at one time or the other been faced with minor electrical defaults in your house. Handling such electrical faults without the input of professionals should be done with utmost care.  While fixing small electrical repair works in the house can be very cost efficient, the homeowner should possess a sound knowledge of safety guidelines.

The first task you should undertake is to prepare a circuit map. “ If you are thinking of taking up a do it yourself (DIY) electrical work, preparing a circuit map is the most important step to begin with.

By switching off each circuit at one time, note down all the switches and appliances that are powered by each circuit and tape the list below them. This way you will be able to switch off the power immediately there is an electrical default in your home,” an online article noted.

The second task will entail turning off  the main power outlet.  Before undertaking any DIY electrical projects or repair works, always turn off the main power. Turning off the switch of a particular appliance that you are working on is not sufficient as there can be  a leak even when the switch is turned off which can lead in a serious accident.

You must always learn to cover live wires and unused receptacles. It would be dangerous to keep any live wires in the house exposed. Always cover them or at least use masking tapes. Having exposed live wires in the house can be a grave threat especially for children. Also cover up any unused receptacles with tight protective lids which are easily available in the market.

Always dry your hands before undertaking any DIY electrical repair work. This is because  water is a very good conductor of electricity and you can have instant shocks if you neglect this precaution.

Because children would want to play with anything around, you should carry out If you have periodic inspections and replace any defective plug points as well as cover up any unused receptacles to avoid any mishaps.


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