AS the year winds to an end with many Nigerians looking for a way out of the many security challenges confronting the nation, a cleric, Apostle Charles Osazuwa has called for a firm leadership that will evolve some radical changes that will move the nation forward.

Osazuwa, the head pastor of Rock of Ages Christian Assem-bly (RACA), in Benin City, Edo State, noted that people might resist change, but they must adapt to new ways of doing things if the nation must meet with the challenges of a fast changing world.

According to him, change must always be resisted. “When people are too used to a part-icular system, to adapt to chang-es, or new methods of doing things, becomes difficult. So, the only way out is firm leadership. Leadership must be firm.

“Those who are overdue to be removed should be removed. Those who are due to be retired should be retired and the lead-ership should also look for Nig-erians who have distinguished themselves in Europe, America etc and co-opt them into the system.

“There are people who have be-en in government for more than 30 years doing the same thing all over again. If this country must move forward we can’t keep repeating what we have always done”, he said.

He also spoke on the removal of oil subsidy, saying that oil sub-sidy is the greatest corruption evil that has bedeviled the country as a few Nigerians are defrauding the country through the oil subsidy.

He lamented that, “a few people say they are importing fuel; they will import 10 ship loads but ten-der waybill saying they imported 25 ship loads. That is fraud of the highest level.”

“I am not saying I am in support totally. I am just using that as a case study. Before the president/commander-in-chief of the nation’s Armed Forces said he wants to remove oil subsidy there must be something that motiva-ted him to want to take that step,” he said.

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