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You can’t achieve your dreams without adequate preparations- Kizito Egeonu

By Victor Gotevbe

Two years ago, Kizito Egeonu’s story changed tremendously when at age 20 he clinched a Telecommunication’s Consumer Promotions mouth watering sum of One million dollars. Unbelievable to Kizito and to so many others, on hearing that he was announced winner, ran hysterically which required timely intervention of the Security and Medical personnel on ground, for him to regain his consciousness.

Rumours have it that in the United States of America, some people died on hearing such good news. However, Kizito had the capacity to assume this new position. What is most interesting about him is not the fact that he emerged winner of the competition but that he is a versatile young man.  He shares his inspiring story with Youthful Vibes.


I was born in the ancient city of Kano, where I had my Primary School Education. My Secondary School education was with Federal Government College ,Kiyawa, Jigawa State.  As a child, I engaged in a lot of vocations. At the age of thirteen (13), I paraded myself as a serious novelist. By the time I was fifteen (15), I started taking Art lessons with my cousin (he currently runs an Art business).

Sometime in my life, I even dabbled into music for a while even though I was not sure I knew how to make good music. I taught myself how to code web pages with Hyper Text Markup Language (HTML). My passion for knowledge led me into so many things. Also, shortly after secondary school, I read a bit of history, took business lessons from my father and worked in a small clinic where I discharged some administrative duties such as fetching files and running errands for free.

Jack of all trade?

I would not say I am a jack of all trade even though we humans are multifaceted.  It is certainly not always good trying to do so many things. My immature mind just wanted to learn a bit of everything. I didn’t want any opportunity that is part of something big to pass by me, so I felt I had to know a bit of everything to be ready for my moment. All these exposures to different vocations actually helped me to garner a lot of experience and prepared me for life ahead.

Kizito Egeonu


I initially wanted to become an architect because I thought being a good artist was all I needed to become a successful architect. When I sat for my West African Examination Certificate (WAEC), technical drawing happened to be the only subject I didn’t score a good grade. Hence, I pursued my next best interest which is Medicine and Surgery.  As a matter of fact that is what I am currently studying and I am in my 600Level.

Change of Story

I was in 400 level when I saw an advert of Etisalat’s 9jillions promotion. I had bought an Etisalat sim card, a few weeks before the promotion was announced. The rules of participation were simple and the cost was cheap, so I decided to play. It was the first time I ever participated in a promotion in my life. And the promotion presented me with an easy and cheap way to get a feel of how exhilarating and dynamic taking part in a campaign that could be, and just maybe, an opportunity to be rich.

So, I participated zealously, and it turned out to be one of the best decisions I have ever taken in my life. Participating in it taught me an important lesson: You don’t win a lottery if you don’t buy a ticket.  In other words, you can’t achieve what you dream of if you are not prepared to put in the necessary efforts.

Giving back

It is a rare privilege to be fortunate and I must say it humbles me every moment to acknowledge the finger of God in my life that has made me a channel of blessing. My family and I have donated resources to various charitable projects. I am at the moment developing a line of fashion baseball caps with a foreign company. I am going to partner with a foundation here in Nigeria to donate a meal of ‘kwash pap’ to under-nourished children on admission at selected hospitals for every piece sold.

I love to see young

people succeed. Recently, I heard the best music I have ever heard made by a Nigerian. The artist’s name is Leon. I wanted to be a part of the project of helping him succeed. I discussed it with my brother and we got a small team of staff who are currently working with him.

My recommendations

I am strongly convinced that there are several opportunities for young people in this country. Not every young person out there is going to win money in a promotion; nevertheless, there are untapped fields of specialties in Nigeria. Some of these include: food processing, software/technologies for easier learning in schools, better agricultural products storage equipment such as air-tight barrels and so on that can be rented out to farmers within a specific area.

Organic fertilizer manufacturing is relatively cheap to start with.  I would recommend that young people should never fail to seize an opportunity to make a difference when they find one. And invest their time and resources in things they love. This is very key, before you get your opportunity, please don’t forget to keep learning because that’s the way you can know how to maximize your opportunity. Then you can handle dividends of good opportunities by utilizing them well.



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