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Would you forgive a brother who killed your husband?

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By Florence Amagiya
It has been one year since the murder of my beloved husband. He was murdered by my blood brother. Yet, it feels like yesterday. Obi was a nice husband and a good father. He was my best friend and living with him for five years was the best thing that ever happened to me.

My life was worthless until l met him. And since he was snatched away by the cold hands of death, life has been dull and it hurts most because he met death by the hands of my brother, Johnson.


Johnson and I are the only children of our late parents. We moved to Lagos together when we finished the burial rites of our parents. They were buried together but their death didn’t occur on the same day. Our mother was a very strong woman but  she couldn’t survive the death of our father. He was killed when he went hunting.

Johnson and I relocated to Lagos because we had no family back home and meeting Obi was the best thing that happened to us in Lagos. We were virtually adopted by him; he later became my husband and the father of my child. My brother started his business with the help of my husband and the ability to manage funds became my brother’s biggest challenge.

Johnson spent lavishly so he couldn’t pay back the money each time he borrowed from my husband. On that  fateful day, my husband went to my brother’s house to collect one of such borrowed money but he didn’t return home.

I was worried because he didn’t say he would sleep out. He had earlier on called to say he was at my brother’s and that my brother had just stepped out for a while. When I couldn’t reach my husband on phone,  as early as I could the following morning,  I ran to Johnson’s place .When I got there, I asked after him and was told by my brother that he hasn’t visited  in a while. Yet, I saw  his sandals and handkerchief under a sofa in the living room…

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No way!
Chinwe Isaac,  Actress

The word of God says “Thou shall not kill”. As much as we cannot create life, we shouldn’t take one. Only the creator has that right to take it and HE would when HE wants it. So if my brother decides to kill the love of my life intentionally, he is on his own! I cannot and would not forgive him because he doesn’t want my happiness and I cannot give him his. Even if it were to be an accident, it will take me time to forgive that him.


Forgiveness but no association

Nkem Ike, Actress

Blood is thicker than water but this is an unforgivable and unimaginable act from a blood brother. Honestly, it will be very difficult for one to forgive that in this kind of situation but I am a Christian. The scriptures cannot be broken and forgiveness is not a choice but a command from the Almighty God. I would definitely ask God to give me the grace to forgive him but l won’t associate with him again.


Forgive, but…  

Toyin Haastrup,  Actress

I will forgive my brother if he is from the same womb. But I won’t have anything to do with him in future because any time I see him, it will remind me of my husband’s death. And if he can take the life of my husband who is practically his brother too, then my children won’t  be safe also.


Not on his life!

Mimi Quaker,  Actress

My own brother would kill my husband? Whatever for? I will never forgive that brother of mine who would dare to kill someone, especially my husband.  That will be the end of the brother/sister relationship between us. I don’t need that kind of brother in my life! I know they say blood is thicker than water and all that crab, but I won’t forgive him and I won’t see that brother again!

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