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Who wins Naija Sings contest?


Come Saturday, a winner will  emerge as the new GLO/DSTV sponsored Naija Sings contest ends in grandstyle. We had an encounter with the three finalists and they shared their dreams and chances at lifting the ultimate prize of  $100 000. Read on.

I’m good for the prize — Vickky

Brought up by her grand mother Victoria Ebigomotu in Port-Harcourt, River State, Vickky  is the last girl standing in the  GLO/DSTV sponsored Naija Sings musical talent show. She shares her experiences and chances as the final count down begins.

Welcome to Vanguard.  May we meet you ?


My name is Victoria Ebigomoti

How come all the fantastic singers I know come in small packs?

(Laughing ) I don’t know

Perhaps, if we can’t see them, let’s hear them ?

Maybe. For me it’s a God given talent and it doesn’t matter if I’m small. I have the talent and I want people to know  about it

Before GLO Naija sings, were you into singing or doing anything professional?

I sing in the Church and I get paid for it. I also do back up for weddings and other social gatherings. So I have been into music

How did you get into the talent show?

First of all, when I wanted a platform to showcase my talent, it was my mother who encouraged me to go for GLO Naija Sings. And with the encouragement of my friends, I decided to give it a try. It came out well and today I’m in the final top three .

Where were you auditioned ?

In Lagos

How many of you made it to the final in Lagos ?

We were ten but later, only five of us made it to the main elimination series.

So what if you lose now ?

Even if I lose, I think it’s a privileged for me. But I don’t think I will lose because I know I have something that the people want. And being in the top three is a huge kudos for me.

And if you win today what will you do with the money ?

First of all, my single comes first. I will work on it and secondly I will go to school and then change my life in general as a whole.

So what kind of music would you want to play if you decide to go solo officially?

I do soul and R&B, that is where my strength lies. But the way Nigeria is going, music has changed. One needs to do music people want to listen to-upbeat songs. And I think there will be a little bit of soul in my music but mainly what people could dance to and be happy is the basic thing.

How old are you ?  .

I’m 20 years old

What was growing up like?

First of all  I grew up in Port-Harcourt. My mum is a single mum and I grew up mostly with my grand-mother. She was the one that brought me up with my younger brother because my mm wasn’t always around- she was always working.


I’m a King in the making — Matade

HANDSOME Oguntade Matthew is the reluctant hero whofound himself in a place he never bargained for. He came as one of the last batches at the audition and today, he is in the final. His is a fairy tale.

He shares his experience so far.

How are you doing ?


I’m fine

So, what kind of music do you prefer to do , if you are given a chance?

I’ve learnt so much in this competition but really, I would love to be a soul and R&B  singer.

What is it you have that you think could give you an edge ?

Well, my contemporaries  are good singers, I respect them so much. I don’t think I have anything that they don’t have , but you know everyman has been given the grace according to his own ability. We are not competing against each other because we are kings in our world

You got in this far so how has it been like ?

It has been awesome and great. I really appreciate the fact that I made it this far but it wasn’t easy.

Can you share your experience on how it was like in the beginning when you started from the audition stage ?

I’d completed my NYSC  in June, and a friend of mine informed me of  auditions on-going in  Ibadan. I quickly rushed there  and I was surprised at the  large turn-out of prospective contestants. I was part of the last people to come for the auditions. I stormed there and I went in for fun. I never expected that I would  come this far.
It’s an open game — Christian

CHRISTIAN Doherty looks more like a body builder than a musician. But never let his physics fool you as beneath that bulk is a voice that could melt any woman’s heart. In this brief interview, he speaks about his chances of wining the coveted prize.  Hear him.

I SAY to myself this bulky man is intimidating. I hope he is not also intimidating other contestants with his voice?


Well the thing is that people see me as one who intimidates people, but I’m not like that.. I used to do different kinds of sports- Taekwando, body building and all, that is why my body is like this

…If you don’t win somebody might be in trouble ?

No body will be in trouble, nobody.

Can we met you?

My name is Christian Doberty and I’m based in Abuja. I come from a family of eight  and I’m fourth in line. My father is from Lagos State while my Mum is from  Delta State

Are you still in school or done ?

I am through with school.  I finished from Ife – OAU

Shouldn’t you be looking for a job with your degree?

That is the secondary focus-that is, my course of study and my primary focus is music because it’s a gift from God.

Until you actualize it, it will keep staying inside of you and won’t come out because this is what God has designed  for me.

Is it something that runs in the family too ?

Definitely. My mum influenced my decision to go into the comedy industry and my Dad too is a funny man. In my family, we are all funny people.

How long have you been into music  ?

Well, music has been part of me. It has been for a very long time. If I’m not mistaking, it is going to be like fifteen years I have been in it.

Have you done anything professional ?

Well it is still in the cooler. I have not brought anything out yet-I was working on something before venturing into this game.

Where is your strength generally ?

Well the thing is that with the platform Glo Naija sings gave us, they have made us touch different type of music. Though my strength lies in R&B, I still do other genre of songs.

What are your the chances?

Well I’m not better than any of them. The truth is they are all gifted and unique in their own ways. But the thing is for us to be in the top three means we are good. With what we have on ground, nobody is a loser right now. Whoever takes the prize is lucky. I will be glad to say I didn’t lose. I gained .

What will you do with the money if you win?

I made a promise and a vow that I will give God my tithe. After I’d go to the Motherless babies homes because I made a vow and I must fulfill it. I will pursue my music and help my Dad.


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