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Self-empowerment, key to success


Lack of self-empowerment principles have been noted to be responsible for students falling apart before completing their studies in school and they end up, blaming their misfortune on one reason or the other.

The need to assist students imbibe the virtues of integrity, courage, honesty, service to humanity, competence, intelligence and discipline so as to succeed in life, have resulted in the publication of Self-empowerment Hand Book for Students by Olalekan Alabi Adewusi.

The 85 paged book with twenty-eight chapters and titles that make content very easy to assimilate, provides for readers, vivid understanding of the basic philosophy of self-empowerment with its views on student performance.

The author identifies factors responsible for poor performance of students while at school and especially, during examinations. The book also xrays the roles of parents, guardians, teachers and stakeholders in the educational upbringing of students especially in the area of shaping and imparting positively quality education on the children.

Adewusi, who spent over two decades of his life in America, is of the view that self-empowerment is not what can be learned over night but gradually and with dint of hard work and dedication which lead to attainment of desired goal.

He insists that in addition to imbibing already mentioned virtues, students must be committed to observing the rules and regulations of their institutions which will enable them conquer numerous challenges facing them at school and on graduation.

Defining self-empowerment as an inspirational key to success which is title of chapter two, the author advises students to have self-assurance and faith in their capability, control their emotion and have a positive attitude toare wards life.

In an era when students no longer see the need to study for examinations due to dependence on examination malpractice, leading to graduation of what is termed half baked individuals, the author provides a long list of points to note for examination success. The points are all documented in chapter five of the book.

The book would be incomplete without the mention of the activities of cultism on campuses. This is an issue that results into students dropping out of school and chapter six tit led, “You cannot make a career out of crime” advises the cream of the society to desist from “gangbangerism, hooliganism and cultism associations” on the school premises as well as the neighborhood since the end result is always tragic and regretful.

Adewusi admonishes students who experience external pressure to join any cult group or illegal society not to be intimidated but rather, talk to parents/guardians. Where parents are not capable of making any positive impact, students to talk to their principals or class teacher and be sure that the allegation will be treated with utmost secrecy.

Self-empowerment Hand Book for Students is highly jampacked with issues that affect students during education period. The author proposes mechanisms for reading methodology, student’s personal safety, religious indoctrination, personal hygiene, arts and culture, volunteerism, participation in community development exercise, need for generosity and abstinence from drugs, violence, to make school a healthy and conducive environment for learning.

Chapter twenty- six is an interesting aspect of the book which is, Residency Abroad. It decries the idea of graduands traveling abroad for one reason or the other which boils down to finding a means of survival.

According to him, “east or west, home is the best” hence, the need to come back home after one’s sojourn. Except for very few errors, the book is in reality, a treasure in the hand of the reader and is a must read for students.



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