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Questions on Dangote’s GCON: Nigerians react

By Ochereome Nnanna
HAVING spoken my mind on the award of the highest National Honour ever bestowed on a non-governmental functionary (Grand Commander of the Order of the Niger, GCON) to Nigeria’s richest man and industrialist, Alhaji Aliko Dangote, I offer the reading public a chance to say theirs today.

After all, the GCON belongs to the Nigerian people. Here are some of the views, selected as fairly as possible from the flood of responses.

From Vanguard Online

Aliko Dangote should bring down the price of cement if he truly wants to give back to the society that made him whatever he is today. Personally I don’t envy all these people. I learnt that the production cost of a bag of cement is four hundred naira only; he holds the monopoly so tight that you hardly compete with him. Same in sugar and flour. What he is donating is peanuts compared to what he has made from his ***  businesses. Whoever thinks otherwise should apply for a cement plant licence and you will see the outcome.

Iska Countryman
No man can be said to be rich when he has almajiris as relatives and neigbours…

Anthony Iloegbunam
Nnanna, you got it all wrong. What you did in this write-up was in bad faith. You are trying to sow the seed of bad blood. If we should recount what he (Dr Chief) Aliko Dangote did to touch the lives of Nigerians, and to compare him and Otunba Adenuga, Dangote (is) by far ahead of Adenuga.

The yard-stick Nnanna used to measure both men was not proper. Dangote is touching the lives of the common man directly (more) than Mike. Look at it this way: the Glo Ambassadors don’t touch the lives of the common man through their music. A hungry man does not listen to music.

How much did Mike contribute to Ibadan flood victims? It’s only in the South East that Dr Aliko has not invested in. He is very active in the North, Middle-Belt and the South West. His investments in the areas mentioned are touching the lives of the common people there. He is recruiting workers from the areas he has all his plants and making life very meaningful there. Glo is still at the infancy in touching the lives of the people directly.

Mr Nnanna should please write back to correct the bad impression already created on the person of Alhaji Aliko Dangote. Dr Dangote should be encouraged to do more for his fatherland. Nnanna please apologise now.

Since you are quoting Forbes, if by the US standards, and Nigeria applied the RICO Act against Dangote, he will be penniless tomorrow.

While it is clear that Dangote and Adenuga benefited very well from the corruption in the Nigerian military and civilian governments, I think I prefer Adenuga. Adenuga has managed to give back a lot to the society and Nigerian public at large.
Apart from his *** tendencies, he is intelligent and enterprising, especially the way GLO is being run, bringing in new ideas in the telecommunications industry.

Crashing call tariffs and dubious monopoly of*** is the greatest achievement of all.

Dangote (is not alone in his “monopoly” in his areas of influence). There are those in monopolies of foreign exchange, government contracts, government appointments, school admissions, oil bunkering, drug running, estacodes, and so many unfair competitions. I congratulate Dangote and his other monopolists for now. The excluded NIGERIANS will ask for their rights SOON.

Aliko Dangote is the business equivalence of the Babangidas, Shehu Yar’ Aduas and other top military people of their class from the North. They were all carefully picked, planted and groomed by the Northern establishment to take over Nigeria. There is another set in the bureaucracy who ended up as Super Permanent Secretaries, heads of statutory commissions, NNPC GMD, etc.

Mallam Dangote took over from Alhaji Dantata, the first  beneficiary of the old North, who later zeroed in to take over Nigeria. It does not matter in whose name the wealth is. It works for the economy better through doing public good and liberalizing credit, so the common good would become really common.

Some of the text messages

*The Dangote piece is a masterstroke. He is a product of a bad government policy

*You bared the minds of many Nigerians in your article on Dangote’s GCON. I particularly enjoyed the analysis on Adenuga and his vast generosity. Oh, what a man. I have stuck to my Glo line regardless of how poor services can be some times. Ms. Sylvia Nnamani. 08073988243

*Dangote is a product of Northern dominance of government of this country since independence. No wonder his successes. Thanks. 08056095412

*(Good wishes) on the write-up on Dangote. A bag of cement that cost less than N500 to produce he is selling for N2,000 plus. He doesn’t deserve the award. Amos, Warri. 08023277350

*If your write-up on Dangote’s GCON award is pounded yam, one needs no egusi soup to swallow it. It is a true reflection of his character. May your biro never run dry. Andrew Yoipy, Bayelsa. 08057928191

*Dear Ochereome, your write-up in Vanguard today – “Questions on Dangote’s GCON”, speaks volumes of reality without bias or sentiments. You can give wider coverage. Bye. Uwayah JC. 08033725654

*Nnanna, thank you for the home truth on Dangote who Jonathan is using to hold Nigerians hostage. His wealth is meant for oppression of the masses, not assistance.


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