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No growth for Nigeria until… – Cleric

APOSTLE Silas Otop is the general overseer of Practical Christian Glorious Ministries in Oworonshoki area of Lagos. In this interview with OLAYINKA LATONA, the Apostle bares his mind on some national issues and why gospel ministers should not partake in politics.

For the Nigerian Church he has some unkind words, saying she has failed in discharging her duties of preaching undiluted Word of God, because preachers now desire to eat out of the national cake.

State of the nation

Nigeria cannot get better until the seed of corruption is eradicated totally. Corruption is the only problem we have in this nation and if all Nigerians can decide to fight against corruption, within six months Nigeria will be a better place. Without that things will only be getting worse day by day.

The seed of corruption is everywhere including the Church of God and that is why you see some ministers of God leaving the pulpit to join politics. The Nigerian Church has totally failed because most people are only seeing the church as a lucrative business.

Most churches promote corruption. Some churches do not preach against corruption any longer, instead always encourage people to donate and sow seeds of millions of naira which poor people among the congregation cannot afford. The rich who can afford such donations are celebrated without verifying the source of such money. The Church now partners with corrupt people as pastors now have their share of the national cake.

Apostle Silas Otop

Some people argue that ministers of God will do better if they go into politics, what’s your take?

The position that God kept us in any nation is to be advisers to the government and the nation at large. In the Bible there are kings and prophets. Elijah as a prophet can enter the king’s palace at any time and advise the king. The same thing apply to modern day ministers of God.

Our office is the pulpit; preach to people to repent, advise them to do right things and these people can go in to political offices because they had been prepared by ministers who have instilled the fear of God in them. Going into politic is like asking a minister of God to become a traditional ruler. It is wrong for men of God to go into politics.

State of insecurity in the nation

Any nation where corruption thrives will surely have problem of insecurity. Why do we tolerate suicide bombers now when we did not tolerate militants from Niger Delta? Why should Boko Haram now hold us to ransom? Why can’t the government invade their hideouts just like they invaded Odi, a community in Bayelsa State.

At least, Boko Haram are human beings and they live among people. The worst part of it is that they painted their agitation with religious coloration which is very bad. Muslim leaders and northerners should stand against Boko Haram sect so that Nigeria can experience peace.

Should they be given amnesty just like the militants?

What will government negotiate with Boko Haram? The Nig-er Delta boys were agitating for their rights, but what do Boko Haram want? And if they are saying that there is injustice in any way, they should dialogue with the government instead of killing innocent people.

Advice to Nigerians

All Nigerians must come to the understanding that we all need to fight corruption; stay away from corruption and make Nigeria a holy nation. Muslims and Christians should live as brothers. Stop religious crises and embrace peace because the two religions are peace makers; and they therefore work towards it.

Most of our leaders are only there to acquire wealth for themselves and not to make any sacrifice for the nation. Until we have leaders that will sacrifice themselves for the nation we cannot go anywhere. Our leaders should sacrifice themselves for the nation and use the nation’s resources judiciously.



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