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Just Foods, Rational introduce advanced cooking equipment

By Michael Eboh

Just Foods Limited has entered into a strategic partnership with Rational International in the deployment of advanced cooking technology, called SelfCooking Center Whitefficiency.

Speaking at the launch of the product in Lagos, Mr. Peter Mason, Director, Just Foods, said the advanced cooking product is capable of cooking, boiling, steaming and frying, among others.

According to Mason, Rational promises previously unmatched cooking output and quality, a much broader range of applications, greater flexibility of loading and efficient utilisation of the necessary resources, noting that the new features are the patented HiDensityControl and Efficient LevelControl.

He said HiDensityControl ensures that heat and humidity are introduced – precisely metered – exactly where they are needed according to how well cooked the product is. He noted that this maximises the application spectrum and is the basis for 30 per cent larger load sizes, 30 per cent time saving in production and 20 per cent reduced power consumption compared to existing combi-steamers.

He said further, “Food production and service are revolutionised by clever mixed loads. Efficient LevelControl knows what can be cooked together and makes appropriate suggestions. Efficient LevelControl increases unit utilisation despite shorter production times and consistently high food quality, even during rush hour.

“SelfCooking Control has been completely redesigned. Numerous new, intelligent cooking workflows extend the application spectrum. Overall, SelfCooking Control has become much more flexible and user-friendly, and guarantees tip-top results every time as all the technical possibilities are fully utilised. The new generation CareControl detects when the unit requires cleaning or care and suggests the optimum cleaning level. Savings of up to 40 per cent compared to conventional automatic programs are possible.

“Rational is the chefs’ company and the company for chefs. It is therefore entirely natural that we would select white as the Rational colour. After all, white stands for purity, cleanliness, clarity, focus and decisiveness.”

He said for the company, efficiency means deriving the maximum benefits from everything it uses, whether it be time, energy, water, space or raw materials.

“whitefficiency is a holistic approach that, right from the very start, has been anchored deep in our corporate philosophy. It emphasises the sustainability of the way we act, from development, moving through production, operation in the kitchen, our unique service concept, all the way to the recycling of old units.

“In particular, whitefficiency is ideal for day-to-day work in the kitchen. That is where is really pays for itself for our customers since whitefficiency also stands for the most efficient cooking appliance of all time – the SelfCooking Center whitefficiency,” he said.




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