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Dance away your weight

Dancing, from research, has been discovered to  burn 100 calories every 10 minutes and besides being a ripping cardiovascular workout,  it connects your mind, body and spirit and makes you a more confident person as well. Dancing is not costly and needs no equipment except a CD player or sound system, and connects you to other human beings as well.

There is no better way to want drop two or twenty kilogrammes  than by getting on the dance floor (anywhere suitable)  and shaking your stuff.  Anyone who goes out dancing several times a week cannot be overweight; take a look and you will see that there are no obese people in the techno crowd. Not one.

Humans have been bouncing to drum beats around campfires for hundreds of thousands of years, and it is only in recent centuries that we have taken dancing out of our lives. Your body wants to dance. Let it, by joining the dance community, a group of  fun-lovers with big smiles and happy heads. You may also decide to join us at Le Fit Slimming World.


Dancing as a  fitness regimen, calls on you to be a mover AND shaker, it is not for the wallflowers of the world.  To go after new experiences just as you are going after that slimmer silhouette. Even if you are an introvert, you CAN make dancing work for you. However there are a few guidelines to keep in mind if you want to lose weight dancing, as bobbing your head to a rock show one Saturday a month is not going to cut it.

• You might like house music, or like punk, or like pop, but that is not good enough. You need to find music that you absolutely love, music that gets into your body and moves it for you. This will take some exploration and motivation on your part, but what could be a better goal than exposing yourself to new art on a path to a healthier body?

• Most people are a bit shy about shaking it in public, and the ones who seem like they aren’t are just faking it until they make it.

To build your confidence, wait until you are home alone and crank up that jamming music and let your body do what it wants, even if your brain is trying to repress those crazy moves. Jamming out in your living room is the first step.

• Find your dancing crowd. Whether you sashay towards ballroom or bounce towards electronic, there is a community on a dance floor nearby waiting for you to join it. Keep in mind however, although all dancing is excellent exercise, the faster the tempo, the more calories you will burn.

• Most people hate to dance because they are afraid everyone is looking at them and chuckling at their wayward arms. Guess what? They’re not looking at you. If you go out dancing with the goal of having fun in mind, you will always win.

• People make the mistake of trying to be sexy when they dance and wind up looking like they are trying too hard. The very act of dancing is sexy; you don’t need to cage rap video moves or use a Tootsie Pop as a prop to dance well.

• Realise that on the dance floor, and life, you are going to look like an idiot sometimes. This is unavoidable. Put a smile on your face and a dance in your step and you will realised that a life spent dancing will make you a more balanced person- Have fun!


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