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Prostitutes invade Borno Government House


MAIDUGURI THE increasing influx of women of easy virtue in Borno state Government House on daily basis has is a serious threats for security operatives manning the gates for the the past few weeks.

Unlike in the past when security men on sentry duty at the gate had to contend with male political thugs who would always insist they had the right to access the office of the number one citizen, “because we are the politicians that elected him (Governor) to office”, it is now a different ball game for the men in uniform; their nightmares now are prostitutes with some of them pretending to come along with some wares as business women from Dubai.

A frequent visitor to government house in Maiduguri in the recent weeks may not likely miss a scene or two in which angry security operatives guarding the gates are seen exchanging words with women with heavily girdled breasts and mascara faces.

In most cases, the free women who thronged the government house in their singles and groups were there to seek one hajj seat or two from the state government. As a matter of fact, the women who parade themselves as women politicians usually get admitted into the House once a call or two was made to some powerful phones within the government circle of governor Kashim Shettima.

This development left furious security details who were instructed to keep an eagle eye on every person seeking to enter the house and send back any person found to be more of a nuisance or security threat. But it does appear that the diplomatic passport of the women of virtue seemed to have immune them from such embargo.

At a particular incident, an angry security was overheard telling his colleagues that “don’t worry, by the time this hajj wahala is over we know how to flush all of them out of this place”.

Within the government house, the women who clad themselves in expensive apparels, jewelries and heavy scented perfumes were seen flaunting their endowments provocatively and disarming any disapproving obstacle with their charming smiles. They wanted to see the Governor.

And to get their mission through, they have to position themselves at vantage angles, waiting endlessly for the governor to step out; and as soon as he does, they ambush him before he gets into his waiting car, saying Alanguburo” (may Allah sustain you) in Kanuri and then request for a hajj seat or two; while some others demands for financial assistance. And if they are lucky, which they usually are, the shy Governor will simply turn to his aids and say “please attend to them, we cannot afford to leave out our women in this administration”.

Interestingly, this development also annoy some of the male political thugs especially those who see themselves as core political foot soldiers but denied the usual unfettered access to the governor. They are usually spotted hanging around at a distance within or outside the government house.

One of political foot soldiers who spoke to our Correspondent outside the government house lamented that “we have suffered for the party. Surprisingly, this governor doesn’t want to see our face at the government house, now as you can see we are being treated as though we are a nuisance; there is no problem. We will see how these prostitutes that are being pampered now will assist during the coming local government election or even in 2015.”

Others lamented that the government’s hajj largesse to the free women might cause a serious problem for the state in the coming elections ‘because most of them that go for hajj might usually abscond at the end; they don’t return back. And that means the state will be losing 10 hajj seats for each absconder”, said a disgruntled political thug, who pleaded not to be named on prints.

But the state Deputy governor, Zanna Mustapha, who incidentally is the Amirul Hajj for this year, had said in a recent interview with newsmen that every woman that embarks on hajj without her husband must present three guarantors who will be held responsible for their stay during and after the hajj exercise, to ensure that all of the 3400 pilgrims from the state return in one piece.


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