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I started wearing Bra at the age of 11yrs – Mima

By Ogbonna Amadi Entertainment Editor

Until she resigned from her job last year , Mima Ikyor worked with telecom giants Globacom. She gave up the job that paid her bill because she wants to fulfil a lifetime dream to be a successful musician.

Blessed with extra large boobs, Mima not only talks about her dream, she also shares intimate details about her growing up, revealing that at aged 11 years she’d started wearing brassiers. Enjoy.



Are you still in the employment of GLO?

I’m no longer working with GLO. For me, it was difficult combining the two. As much as I love my GLO job, I had to quit it in order to pursue my career in music. It was indeed a difficult decision I made because the GLO job paid my bills.

Did you buy your car while in the employment of GLO?

Mima Ikyor

I already had my car before I got the GLO job. But the money I made from GLO went into my music. It was difficult but I had to take the decision because I remember saying in the past that I would work and use the little money to fund my career in music. Unfortunately, it never got me anywhere, I want more of music and I want to have it all.

And you think music would give you the kind of money you need?

I know that I’ve got all it takes to make it in music. All I need is to be focused.

So, what are the chances of the songs making it big in the market?

I’m going to be fine. I have a music label, I’ll be signed on any moment from now. I didn’t just decide to leave GLO impromptu. I was prepared financially before quitting the job. I had to cut down on the way I spend so I won’t have to beg because I’ve always been an independent person. I have no regret because I’m happy with the decision.

Have you dropped any single yet?

Yes, I had an album before the proposal started coming up. The album contains nine tracks titled God’s Time. We have the album on internet sites like Amazon, Sonny and others. But then, the album is going to be repackaged for a bigger market.

And what are the chances of the songs making it big in the market?

There are chances that the songs will make it because a lot of people who’ve listened to my songs cannot help but fall in love with them. In fact, I’ve performed some of them at shows and people love them.

Have you dropped any single lately?

Yes, I have. Love You and Kanyan (What Is It?), are my new singles. Kanyan is a song rendered in my native dialect.

Are they are R & B songs?

Yes, both already have videos and promotion of the singles has started in earnest.

What genre of music do you play?

It’s R & B.

So, Kanyan is R & B?


But Love You is a duet between you and another act… ?

It’s between Rhymzo and myself. It’s reggae dancehall. But I’ll call myself an R & B singer because it’s more comfortable doing it. But I can do other genres too. I love rock. So Love You can’t be called strictly reggae. It is a fusion of Calypso, dance-hall and mid tempo hip-hop

Are you saying the new album contains all of these?

No, it doesn’t contain all of that. It contains more of R & B, Rock and dancehall

How did you get into music?

It’s been like three years now since I got to Lagos for my NYSC. I happened to be the right place where music works

Where did you serve?

I served with Nigerian Port Authority. I met Sound Sultan and he introduced me to my first producer, Nelson Brown. Then, I’d pay my studio bills with my allowee. But after my NYSC and I started working, it slowed me down.

Mima Ikyor

But eventually, I discovered that I needed more than just a job. And sometimes, you have to look deeply within you to know what you’re meant to do and make conscious effort to be who you want to be. So, I took a leap and left GLO. It was difficult but the moment I made up my mind about music, I realised I made the right choice.

How did you joggle going for shows with the GLO job?

It was crazy. I worked with the customer care and we have off days. Sometimes, when I’m invited to shows, I’d to check my off days to see if I could make the show. Sometimes, I couldn’t make some shows because I was working.

But each of the shows paid me more than my one month salary. So, I needed to take a step, and it was crazy. Sometimes, I’d feel frustrated and the other times, I’d lied just to go for shows. Sometimes, those shows would be showed on TV and I’d be scared that my boss would see me on TV. So, it was really crazy

It must have affected your love life.

Love life? (laughs). Well yes, I didn’t have any boyfriend for a long time. I had one who traveled out of the country. Nobody would have stopped or asked me where I was going to. I only go to work, do my job, go to the studio and for shows.

I had boy friend and we were really in love with each other. I loved him and I think he loved me too. Then suddenly, he went angry and we talked things over. Now , he’s just on his own. He’s scared and doesn’t think the relationship can go o n but he still loves me.

I think he’s just scared that he’ll always want me to be around him. Like before the end of the month, I’ll be going to Canada for an event and I’ll be there for two weeks. I also have another one in the US before the end of the month. I just need these shows because I’ve been longing for them all my life. He’s finding it difficult to accept that I might not be around for a long time

Could it be that he is afraid that he might not be able to control you again?

Why wouldn’t he be in control? I’m a woman and I can’t do without a man. If I have a boyfriend I love and I go wherever because of my career, it’s not going to change anything.

He has to understand that I’m his woman even if there are many guys who would want to meet me. Some of these guys may just love you because you’re you and be nice to you which is normal. I don’t see any reason why he should be scared of dating a female artist. A lot of female artists are now married because if you have a steady boyfriend, it makes you more focused and everybody wants that.

How do you attract men?

I don’t know (laughs). I really don’t know.

Your boobs?

Yes, I think so because a lot of them just keep staring at my boobs and not my face but I don’t like it.

Does it make you uncomfortable?

I get very uncomfortable because at the age of eleven, I started wearing bra when most of my mates haven’t even started wearing any. And then, I had hair all over my body. So I knew something was abnormal and the boobs made me look older, I couldn’t run.

Do you still feel uncomfortable now?

Not really. But when guys look at it as if I’m not supposed to have them then, I feel uncomfortable.

But they’re your assets

I don’t see it that way. It’s part of me and I can’t do without them unless I have to cut them off.



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