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Controversial shoe designs: Ruggedman on rampage

By Ogbonna Amadi, Entertainment Editor
Following criticisms about the originality of the designer shoes released by his clothing line, September Wears (T.S.W.), famed Nigerian rap artist, Michael Stevens a.k.a. Ruggedman reacted by asking his critics to go to hell.

A few weeks ago, an online website reported that Ruggedman had repackage his 20th September Wear (or T.S.W) with an array of shoes and accessories, but was accused of stealing his designs.

Trouble for the Ohafia, Abia State born rapper began on Twitter, the social network on Friday, September 21, 2011 when a New York based Nigerian Lady with the Twitter handle @KingAqua05 accused Ruggedman of stealing an upcoming designer, Natischa Harvey’s shoe designs.


@KingAqua05 went on to explain that Ruggedy’s newest collection was jacked from Harvey’s 2010 collection called ‘Fever Shoes by Natischa Harvey’.

@KingAqua05 ‘s tweets read: ‘I know Fever shoes are not super popular, but still come on!anh anh. He wasn’t even subtle about it’. ‘He didn’t evenchange the colour and tweakthe design a little’.

Reacting to the allegation in  a phone conversation, Ruggedman insisted that his designs are his and there is no controversy over his creations.

“Shoes may look alike, but may not be the same design. A creative mind has the tendency to create and design things that may look like what another creative mind may have created. A button may make the difference in the design of a shirt” he told Weekend Groove.

“The problem we face in the industry today is that, some people have made ‘pull him down’ a profession, never seeing anything good in what another man does. They never see anything positive in what the next man does. All they want to do is to  destroy the person”, Ruggeman blasted.

He insisted that his designs are not stolen saying “they were customized for me; I’ve been working with someone outside Nigeria and I’m allowed to customize with my name”

Continuing, the rap artist said “I work hard at what I’m doing and I have no regrets venturing into this business. And if anyone doesn’t like , the fellow can go to hell because I don’t care what he  or  she feels about my business. In the next couple of months, I’m releasing my custom  made wrist watches and may be, these busybodies will complain that the leather straps are copied”, he told Weekend Groove.


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