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… Gracious while you wait

It was exactly seven years ago. I remember because I was pregnant. It was the first service of the year and the Man of God had asked that anyone who wanted the Lord to do something for them in particular should come forward speak their faith. Not usually given to such public displays I was surprised to see myself got up and made my way forward.

Being weary of praying quietly in my closet to a God who definitely seemed at best to be taking His sweet time, I was propelled by a secret desire to force His hand. Kind of like … “There; I have declared my heart’s desire in public o! If You like, fall my hand; no be me get shame!”

So I made my way forward that day; and I described in detail what it was my heart desired. I had been trusting God for a new house. And not just any house. I knew exactly what I wanted. And I described it in detail. It was a bungalow on its own grounds with four large rooms, well appointed. I wanted two sitting rooms a spacious kitchen as well as a few nooks and crannies that could be done up differently to give the house character.

The Man of God asked the congregation to stretch their hands and join with me in faith. Afterwards the he looked at me smiled. Then suddenly, out of the blue he just said – June.

I went home ecstatic and full of praise. Surely we were on the same divine page. You see my EDD was June of that year. And I had promised myself that my baby, my first for my husband would be birthed in new surroundings. So I waited for June to roll around with great anticipation. Seven years on, we were still living in the same poky apartment. Worse still there wasn’t much indication that anything was about to change any time soon.

You cannot imagine my utter disappointment. And with every year the disappointment grew deeper, with the disappointment came dissatisfaction and of course, once that isn’t nipped in the bud quickly; resentment is not too far behind.

Seven years. It didn’t matter what we planned or how we planned it. It was beginning to look like we’d be stuck in that house till we were old and grey. Then suddenly when least expected, at the turn of some pretty peculiar events, moving house seemed like a possibility. We went house hunting and finally narrowed it down to a duplex which seemed to be the best amongst the lot. A few days later we get a call to come take a look at one last house before we close the deal. I was reluctant but decided what the heck!

From the moment I walked through the gates I knew this was the house I had always dreamed of; the one I had described in such great detail that morning in church seven years ago. The one that I found not in June 2004; but in June 2011… and what’s best is we got it for half a million less than the initial duplex we were going to settle for.

Again He has humbled me with his faithfulness. And in the light of that faithfulness I cringe at some of the intense conversations and tantrums thrown at God over the matter. I can almost hear Him asking with one eyebrow cocked, …. “Now what are you going say?”

Believing God for a miracle is one thing; remaining gracious while we wait is another. It can be difficult, especially when circumstances seem to continuously conspire against you. Each time He pulls one off though; in that dramatic, jaw_dropping way of His, I am reminded that though it might be slow in coming, when it arrives it is always to perfection.

Teach me Lord, to remain gracious as I wait!


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