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Menace of the Run-Away Dad

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By Mercy

Individuals are created uniquely and these differences can make co-existing as a couple seemingly difficult. The run-away father’s story occurs in different communities, both rural and urban.

A father decides to walk away from his partner and kid(s) including interests he labouredly acquired and moves to a known or an unknown destination, and lives under the pretence that his former home and responsibilities never existed.
Everything happens for a reason.

*  He may be involved in another relationship
*  Insecurity over spouse’s success
* Unresolved family dispute
*  Bizarre moves beyond human understanding and so on.

No matter the underlying explanation in all of the brouhahas, it is a situation that brings terrible results as the child’s future and well-being is jeopardized. Matters like unpaid school fees, medical and utility bills, food, etcetera suddenly come solely on the mother’s shoulders with untold misery cascading unto the innocent child especially when there is no regular income.

When there is family breakdown, many-a-childhood dreams are interrupted and aborted before they even begin. Teenage pregnancy and hooliganism become some of the challenges of the mother who cannot fill the void left behind by the absentee father. The adult without a means of livelihood,  the jail bird, the mother and child surviving on the streets and the young girl being molested by different step dads inevitably form  part of our society in a vicious circle that rub off on us one way or the other.

British Prime Minister David Cameron, who recently launched an attack on fathers who abadon their families,  says: “It  simply isn’t acceptable for mothers to be left to bring up children on their own”. Cameron is saying victims of run-away fathers should not be stigmatized by society in same way as drunk drivers are. A group of victims of  run-away fathers have come together through some social networks to help themselves locate their fathers and fight for their rights. Many have found solace from joining this resourceful  group.

Why should a father deny his real income and fake documents to back his claims so his family would leave him alone? Why would a man professing to be head over heels in love with a lady, unexpectedly walk out on her as soon as she is pregnant and the relationship is about yielding its fruit according to the laws of sowing and reaping? That father should be ashamed of his wicked ways and made to face the wrath of society.

This inhumane act should be discouraged by enacting appropriate laws to prosecute defaulting fathers to pay child support. The run_away father should be brought to book and made to give material and moral support to the child to at least the first degree in secular education.

We cannot fold our hands any longer; speak out and act using different medium to defend our children and their rights. Government and human right activists, spiritual leaders and even neighbours  should intervene in families and save our soceity.

We can only enjoy good and quality old age if we could do same to the child.

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