By Ishola Balogun
There is no doubt that the best way to impart good values that will shape the character of any being is when growing. Kids have wonderful learning and adaptable abilities that will eventually turn them to what they would be in future.

It will serve humanity a great deal if everyone is conscious of this fact and embark on building these core values that will make the society better just as we know that the younger ones are the leaders of tomorrow.

The values they learn are what will define how they will lead others tomorrow. Besides, it is our pride that our children become the next role model in our society.

Then what efforts are we really making towards achieving that. Apart from attending the best schools in the neighbourhood or better still overseas, inculcating in them the right values right from the younger age will make them become a role model in future. But how do we go about it? Here are some tips.

Demonstrate respect to others and put others before self. Endeavour to be selfless in your thinking and action. Show love and respect to others no matter how lowly placed the other person might be. This value, I notice, is sadly lacking in many youngsters these days.

It is a society where socio_economic situation has affected our psychic so much that we always think only about ourselves.

Demonstrate assertiveness instead of aggression, trust instead of accusation. Do not react aggressively or violently when others offend you, especially if it was unintentional. Rather, share with them your feelings about their making the mistake and encourage them to be more careful the next time.

Other than giving them confidence and reassurance, they also learn a good example of not panicking and know how to react calmly when some accident happens. Another thing is when you hear complaints about kids from school or anyone do not immediately react and reprimand them. Instead, settle for a one-to-one talk with my kid to understand the situation from his side before deciding on the next course of action.

Teach the kids to respect the differences in others.

It is better to reinforce positive values than negative ones. If kids complain about other children hitting them or snatching their stuff, never teach them to hit back.

This will only make the vicious cycle go round endlessly. If the bullying child is someone close to me, like my super mum used to say, I will not hit him back or snatch my kid’s toy back from him just to appease my kid. Neither would I encourage his mom to punish him by hitting him back. Instead, I always tell the kids to love them and always be a good playmate. That is the way to go.

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