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September 6, 2011

Enhance your property value with new roof styles

By Kingsley Adegboye

Are you one of those who hold the opinion that you can use anything to cover the roof of your building? You may need to change that opinion because the value of your home can be greatly enhanced when you define your roof style.

In defining the roof style, you should note that it is not every roofing product and colour that can bring about the desired value to your property. Disclosing this to Vanguard Homes & Property, the Chief Executive Officer, Wichtech Industries Ltd, the sole marketer of Gerard roofing products in Nigeria, Mr.

Chidozie Nwankwo stated that only quality roofing products that can withstand the test of time without fading or changing colours will bring about the desired value to your buildings.

Another element that will enhance the value of your roof is the colour you select.

New roof style

According to a writeup in Ezine articles, you have to select a colour that will match with the rest of your existing outdoor design. “Don’t forget that you can easily improve or deteriorate the image of your house by simply painting your roof! For example, if your house and the surrounding landscape are decorated in a simple, elegant style, an ‘electric’ colour on your roof can ruin the whole picture. You should choose a neutral colour or a colour inspired from nature.

You can also select brighter colours if you know how to combine them in an artistic way. Even a red or burgundy roof will look amazing if the colour of your house is light. It’s very important to avoid mixing several strong colours, especially when you’re decorating your home.

For a commercial building, there are more options you can explore, but even here you have to know your limits and make sure that your roof does not destroy the image of your neighborhood.

Another thing to consider when choosing a colour for your roof is the fact that light colours reflect the heat coming from the sun, while darker colours absorb it.

Nwankwo enjoined home owners to use roofing sheets that will not only enhance the appearance of their properties but those that would be unique in terms of innovation, strength, beauty and durability. According to him, Gerald roofing products provide solutions for new residential developments, re-roofing existing residential homes and also for light commercial buildings.

Nwankwo who described AHI roofing sheets as reliable said they have been approved by testing laboratories and appraisal authorities worldwide. “AHI roofing system provides a variety of lightweight metal roofing tiles, shakes and shingles that come in a variety of colours and offer a wide degree of freedom in architectural styles”, he said.