Diplomatic tension between China and the United states over cyber terrorism took the centre stage yesterday as Washington accused Pyongyang of developing an army of 180,000 cyberspies capable of destroying vital infrastructure, interrupt banking and commerce, and compromise sensitive military and defense databases.

Secretary of State, Mrs. Hilary Clinton said the United States will seek the support of NATO to tackle what Americans regard as “the largest single threat to the United States military and financial establishments”

Vanguard newspaper last week reported the threat of cyber terrorism to Nigeria’s financial and military institutions as the act of terrorism enters a new phase. Cyber warfare, especially cyber terrorism is part of the unused arsenal on nation in 21st century. Bob Inyang had told Vanguard that the banking sector and security experts must watch out for anarchist who hack bank accounts, steal private identities and credit-card numbers.

He said “It’s the great irony of the Information Age which has been hailed as empowering mankind with Knowledge has also equipped him to use it for negative purposes and the world is not safe. Imagine what could happen if these hackers break into nuclear control buttons? the very technologies that empower us to create and build new things is being exploited by those who want to disrupt and destroy mankind .




”He said there is the to develop new passwords and new soft wares to cope with the new threats from cyber criminals

A classified report by the Federal Bureau of Investigation said last week that China has secretly developed cyber armies and spies which the Asian nation is already using to launching cyber attacks. According to the FBI report the endangered targets are the Defense Department computers, the US Treasury department and other key industrial sectors in the United States.

The Chinese are accused of developing soft wares to enable them hack into their chosen targets which has and that the Chinese government may have hacked the email accountings of human-rights activists, prompted Google to consider withdrawing from China The FBI report said the massive cyber army has the capability to attack the U.S. with “WMD-like” precision.

The FBI report estimates that the Chinese Army has developed a network of over 30,000 Chinese military cyberspies, plus 150,000 private-sector computer experts, whose mission is to steal American military and technological secrets.

The Chinese hackers aren’t after credit-card numbers or bank accounts or looking to steal private identities. Instead, they are hunting for information. Although the barrage of attacks may at times appear random, the FBI report concludes that it is part of a strategy to fully flush out U.S. military telecommunications and to better understand—and to attempt to intercept—intelligence being gathered by American spy agencies, particularly the National Security Agency.




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