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Living became unbearable… So she ended it !

By Florence Amagiya

I took in the sad news of Motunrayo Ogbara, a 26 years old lady who took her own life because her fiancé dumped her for another woman.

She had everything going for her. She made a fantastic grade at School, her beauty was beyond average, she was from a wealthy family, she had a good job at a bank which she resigned from and got another one she refused to go to, a wonderful and understanding family who stood by her to the extent of sending her abroad to further her education.

Late Motunrayo Ogbara

According to the news, Motunrayo Ogbara after graduating from Queens College in 2001, gained admission into the University of Lagos through Diploma two programme to study Economics.

She was very brilliant and made a Second Class (Upper Division) in Economics at UNILAG.  Her father paid for her Master’s programme in the UK. But after four months, she returned home, saying she was not concentrating on her studies, so she returned to Nigeria.

Her father got her a job at MTN and she was to resume on Monday but that was the same day she killed herself.

The questions on everybody’s mind is what is the value of a life? Why do we often view life and happiness from one perspective? Why dash all hope of living because of the challenges in life? Why should you throw away all you have lived for, worked for because of a situation that can be managed or that has alternative.

Don’t you know that you have to love yourself to give out love? ‘You cannot give what you don’t have!’  Situations such as these are meant to make us stronger and make us better persons. Nobody said it is easy, life itself is not easy.

In my little opinion, life’s too precious and every day is a miracle.  We should be indeed grateful and there is a reason why it happened and we should know that nothing just happens in life.

Make something out of that, we all know it is not easy. Nothing good is easy to come by! Become a better person; let somebody learn from your experience. It shouldn’t end up a tragedy. If life is tough, become tough with it. We are not the owners of ourselves alone.

We have families and friends who would want to see daily and that life will not be complete for them if we are not here to share it. He didn’t appreciate you, look for someone who will. Life is beautiful and one day you will be glad you survived. Always have this in mind that ‘miracles comes in cans to those who say I can’.


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