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How to fix a broken tile

Floors are subjected to more wear and tear than any other household surface, so damage is inevitable. Glazed ceramic tiles can break, the glaze can be chipped and hairline cracks may develop. If spares weren’t put aside when ordered, take a piece and search for a match at local tile retailers. Also match the colour of the grout.

Remove the damaged tile

Use an impact drill on the hammer setting and a masonry bit to drill through the tile in an X shape. Use a cold chisel to remove the tile from the centre, use a putty knife to scrape the underlay then vacuum.

Set the new tile

Test fit a tile and use an 8mm notched trowel to apply adhesive to the floor and tile. Place the tile and apply even pressure with a slight twisting motion.

Tip – Check for level against bordering tiles and use tile spacers for even gaps.

Grout the joint

Leave adhesive to set for 12 hours. Blend matching grout and use a sponge squeegee to spread it over the repaired area, forcing it into the joints. Leave the grout to set slightly then use a damp sponge to remove the excess.


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