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Found husband dead on lover’s bed, would you bury his corpse?


I have being married for ten years today and the union has being blessed with four children. I am crazy about my husband and as for my children, they make my heart beats.

We were living as one big family when my husband’s job was terminated. This disturbed my husband to the extent he started drinking.

He finally got a job in another state which was not as a good as the former, but we took it because we didn’t have an option. He stays three weeks at his office and one week at home.

This went on until he stopped coming home finally and each time the children ask, he would say the work was getting more tedious and the company wouldn’t allow him travel until after six months; yet he wouldn’t send money to us.

The children and I had plans in motion of surprising their dad with an august visit, but we weren’t able to put it into action because of finance. So l went on struggling to take care of the children while saving for the big journey.

So it was a big shock when I received a call from his station saying he was found dead in his lover’s house…

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 Why not!

Lisa Onu, Actress

Lisa Onu

I will bury my husband’s body if he is found in such a situation like this. It is ugly and sad because that will be the last respect I owe him. It will show that I loved him and as the saying goes ’till death do us part’. At least he still respected me by calling me his next of kin and wife.

Bury him…

Stephanie Chijioke, Actress

Stephanie Chijioke

This is a sad and touching tale! But what can I do? If I was in this woman’s shoes I will go ahead and bury him. After all men are always like that so this is not strange that most men prefer giving to their mistress than their wives & children.

They believe their family will always understand while their mistress won’t and that of course is a fact. So I will go ahead and bury him at least he died of his own sin, I’ve no hand in his death that’s the most important thing.

For love sake…

Obycrox, Artiste


As a man that had loved his wife while she was alive. Yes she has been living a life of lies, but l didn’t find out until she died. I will feel very bad, but what can l do? She is dead, so I can’t ask her corpse why.

The best thing to do is to bury her and allow her spirit rest. Where she has gone to there is God and she will answer to Him. As for the killer, his case will be taken to the police station and to court. Where he will face the wrath of the law.

 Forgive and bury…

IT’S LJ, Artiste


It is a sad thing that a married woman would be having extra- marital affairs to the extent of dying in her lover’s place. But what can we do about it? It has happened and there are children and families involved.

I am sure I married her because I loved her. So for the memory of that love, I will bury her corpse and for the children’s sake.


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