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Would you allow your daughter marry your ex-lover’s son?

With Florence Amagiya

My name is Elizabeth; I am the only girl in the midst of seven boys. That alone prepared me for life. But I grew to became what could be called a guy or a tom-boy. Along the line, I was sent by my parents to a female boarding School to learn what it was like to be a female and a lady. It did not go well with me, but I didn’t argue with them since they were the one calling the shots.

I went through School like my mates did, but didn’t bother myself about men because to me, they were like my brothers, a pain in the butt. Finally, I met Anthony who proved to be different. It was a whirlwind affair and before I could scream my own name, he proposed and I accepted.

My brothers, my parents and I had a wedding to plan. It was like Christmas in June. I felt excited to be a girl once in my life and I was enjoying that feeling. But I wondered what Anthony ever saw in me. Finally, the big day of my life came and the crowd was huge!

We were kept waiting for long by Tony and his people. My dad and I had to walk to the altar while waiting for Tony to show up. We were still waiting even while the choristers where singing. All of a sudden, one of the groom’s men ran into the church to whisper to my brothers. I thought the worse had happened. I was told Tony didn’t come home last night and nobody knew where he was, so the wedding was postponed.

I never saw Tony again and his body was never found. Somehow, I went past it and had a girl child for another man. She is a grown woman today and she came home with a man who asked her hand in marriage. It was okay by me only that the young man was looking familiar and I wondered where l had met him in life.

The introduction date was set and you won’t believe who came into my compound as my future in-law…

Hear what our Stars have to say

Daughter’s business,…
Chita Agwu, Actress

My daughter is getting married to a man whose father stood me up at the altar? It is a hard decision to make, but I won’t stop her from following her heart and happiness.

The Bible says we should forgive.  Meanwhile, what transpired between the husband’s father and I should not be a hindrance to the marriage. She does not know anything about it and so shouldn’t pay for it.

I can’t judge the poor guy because of his father’s sin. If I was judged by my own iniquities then I wouldn’t have been alive. If both parties involved are in love, it is okay by me.

Ride on!
Stephanie Chijioke, Actress

I will allow my daughter marry a guy whose father abandoned me at the altar because l have already moved on with my life. The evidence of my moving on is my daughter and in life nothing just happens.

There is a God somewhere who rules the affairs of man and He chooses who you will marry and whatever you will get in life. No matter how a man struggles if he is not destined to get a particular thing, he won’t get it.

The marriage between his father and me was never meant to be, if it was meant to be then he won’t have broken my heart. Maybe we were meant to be in- laws in life and not couples.

No big deal!
Ricardo Agbor, Actor

I won’t mind my son marrying the daughter of the woman who dumped me. What’s there? We are not related in any way and the woman’s daughter is not mine.

My son marrying the daughter will only mean that there is something special in that lineage where the woman is from to attract two generations of men from one family. It also means I wasn’t wrong when I wanted to marry the mother and as I couldn’t my son has finally brought the blessings home.

Allow on one…
Stanley Kings,

That’s a big one! The woman I would have married, who stood me up at the altar? Her daughter is about to marry my son? They are both sheep of the same skin as far as I am concerned! I will be honest here; I won’t allow that wedding to hold.

Meanwhile, the mother will now explain what she did to me in our time in everybody’s presence and why she did it. If what she says is good enough, then there will be a wedding between our children, But if it is not, then there won’t be any marriage or even a friendship.

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