By Gift Gabriel

With age comes wisdom! After the age of 40, guys need to do things a little differently. At this stage of your life, rather than define you, your style should solidify who you are. Here are some rules that will not only help the average guy over 40 look better, but feel better as well.

Stay true to who you are

Princewill Ojukwu

As your hair starts turning gray, there’s a big push to start dying it. Resist it! A dyed hair will always look dyed! Just embrace the change by keeping your hair clean and neat.

 Don’t buy anything that is labeled “slim” or “fitted”

Don’t believe what most of those catalogues and salespeople are telling you – 95 percent of men over 40 should not be wearing “slim fit”. Simply buy clothes that look good on you!

 Stay away from fads!

After a certain age, a guy who tried to follow what’s


hip just looks sad. You shouldn’t be wearing the same thing as your 15-year-old son. Instead, go with a more classic and go just a little trendy. It won’t look like you’re trying too hard, but you’ll still look like you’re not stuck in the 80’s.

 Pay attention to the details

You might have noticed that while you’re losing the hair on your head, you’re gaining hair in other fun spots such as your ears and nose. Not good. Make sure to keep track of where these irritating buggers pop-up and get rid of them before someone else points them out to you with a queer look on their face.

 When in doubt, dress it up rather than down

You’re at the point now when you’ve earned respect; don’t blow it in any way. If you have any question at all, especially if it’s a work event, dress it up rather than dressing down. That way, it’ll look like you have respect for the occasion and the host, and you will never feel out of place.

 Shave regularly

Your beard is one of your most manly traits; so, learn to treat shaving as a ritual. Take pride in shaving each morning, and make sure it’s something you hand down to your boys.

 Wear clothes that fit properly

At this point in your life, you should know the sizes that work for you. Unfortunately, some guys sport clothes that are either too small or too big all the time! Realistically, most guys after 40 have put on an extra pound or two, and oversized clothing makes you look even chunkier.

Anything too tight will also end up showing parts of you that we don’t really want to see. But with a good fit, you will feel better and more confident.

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