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Fallen petrol tanker shuts down Apapa-Oshodi expressway

Thousands of road  users of the already wrecked on Apapa-Oshodi expressway were stranded Friday following a petrol tanker which upturned itself at Rainbow bus stop, spilling its content on the road.

The road was therefore shut down on the orders of Lagos State Fire fighters and members of Lagos State traffic and Management Authority, LAWMA. Road users  groaned in pains as many of them had to trek a number of Kilometers before they could access their respective locations.

An unhooked tanker fully loaded with fuel had suddenly fell off its truck as the driver tried to avoid a failed portion of the road at this bus-stop.

A Petrol Tanker with registration numberXA 847 KPR fell at First Rainbow bus stop along Mile 2- Oshodi expressway with all its content spilled on the road on Fiday Picture shows the tanker spilling petrol on the road shortly after the accident Photo by Lamidi Bamidele

The truck was coming from the Apapa axis of the road when the incident took place but eye witnesses account said he quickly drove off the scene before anybody could stop him leaving the tanker to burst  and discharge the fuel on the expressway.

Also, the substance mixed freely with the flood caused by constant rains. Time was 12.30pm

As soon as this happened, a worker in the area quickly put a call across members of Lagos State traffic and Management Authority who rushed to the scene to maintain orderliness before members of Lagos State Fire Fighters joined them to control the situation.

A private guard in the area said some people tried to stop the driver from escaping the scene but it was rather too late for them as he drove on a high speed.

Although no life was lost,  the two expressway axis  was shut against vehicular activities as law enforcement agents battled for hours before the tanker was toed from the road.

This fallen tanker led to a gridlock on both axis of the road as commuters from Oshodi had to trek from Ijesha bus-stop while the traffic on the Apapa axis also stretched to Tincan bus-stop as many motorists were trapped on the on the road.

Commuters were asked to switch off their cell phones to avoid being ignited by fire before they were allowed to pass through the scene while numerous of them could not continue their journey to avoid the possibility of fire outbreak..

Some commercial drivers seized the occasion to drive against traffic as they increased their fares to 200 per cent. Street urchins popularly called Area boys also had a field day as they seized the occasion to mount road blocks there and extorted money from motorists who drove against traffic.

When Saturday Vanguard arrived the scene around 1.00pm, the law enforcement agents were seen battling to stem the situation as a lot of vehicles were trapped on the road.


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